** PRE ORDER – “The Secrets of the Keys” DVD

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“The Secrets of the Keys” DVD – the transformational movie you have been waiting for –  will be available after the South African Premiere on the 3rd December 2015

All PRE – ORDERS will be dispatched on the 4th December, in time for the festive season.
Price Includes courier to your door IN SOUTH AFRICA
Great stocking fillers
Thoughtful and life-changing gift for someone you know is grappling with their world at the moment – either  through illness, stress, bereavement, life falling apart or needing some encouragement along their path.

THE DVD WILL BE PRESENTED IN  FESTIVE PACKAGING ready to gift to your loved one.

THE MOVIE: What if your doctor called to tell you you’re going to die? That’s exactly what happens to motivational speaker and author “Elizabeth” in “The Secrets of the Keys.” The inspiration she has used throughout her career to guide others comes back to her as she attempts to make sense of her situation.

She comes face-to-face with her own spiritual guide, Gwen, who has an intriguing opportunity for her. Gwen takes Elizabeth on a mystical journey where they encounter impressive experts who are eager for her to accept Gwen’s unique offer of a new kind of existence. This empowering and transformational film is both entertaining and beautiful . . .and will forever change the way you look at life.

Writer/Producer Robin Jay once again raises the bar on self-help films with her unique hybrid style, combining a fictional story with some of the most respected experts in the field of Personal Development to deliver an empowering and transformational film. Her first movie,  “The Keeper of the Keys”, which stars Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marci Shimoff has won the Las Vegas International Film Festival award for Best Independent Film, The INDIE Fest award for Best Documentary, and is an “Official Selection” for both the LVIFF and the Vegas Indie Film Festival – or “VIFF!” 

This is the inspirational movie you have been waiting for. It will help people transform their lives in an entertaining, spiritual and uplifting way. 

TSotK DVD Cover Final 2015-04-07 12.37.26 2015-04-07 13.38.22 2015-04-10 12.43.56 2015-04-07 10.34.47 11148589_807619955995633_8052761306786027659_nAll the experts featured with me in the movie! The most amazing people that will inspire you...

“The Secrets of the Keys” stars:

Brian Tracy, International Business & Success Guru

Rev. Michael B. Beckwith, Spiritual Leader and Founder of AGAPE International Spiritual Center

John Assaraf, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Teacher

Dannion Brinkley, Author of “Saved by the Light” & Founder of “The Twilight Brigade”

don Miguel Ruiz, Author of “The Four Agreements”, and

Gloria Loring, Singer/Songrwiter/Actress

This remarkable film also features these experts from around the world:

Kate Emmerson, Quick Shift DEVA, International Speaker and Best Selling Author of “Clear Your Clutter”

Dr. Alfredo Besosa, Founder and Director of the Mind/Body/Spirit International Institute in Bogota, Columbia. Dr. Besosa completed his clinical training in Mind Body Medicine at Harvard University.

Carol Scibelli, Speaker, Writer, and Author of “Poor Widow Me”

Dr. Terry Gordon, Cleveland Clinic trained Cardiologist (retired), American Heart Association National Physician of the Year, Author of “No Storm Lasts Forever”

William Liu, Life Coach, Transformational Leader

Leslie Stein, One of the first women to attend West Point, Author of “Penny Perspectives”

Farida Akadiri, Life Coach and self proclaimed “Queen of Manifestation”!

Carly Alyssa Thorne, Multi-sensory, Multi-media Transformation Muse, Author, Filmmaker

Jodi Lobozzo Aman, Give Fear the Boot

A message from your DISGRUNTLED desk …

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images (16)

Hey Boss – We need to chat!

Every day I sit here waiting patiently, always ready to jump into work the moment you arrive……But then I wait, and wait and wait.

You ignore me, procrastinate and heaven knows what else you do when you walk into your office. Seriously what do you do boss?

I often witness that first it’s about getting coffee or tea, then the bathroom (heaven knows what you do in there for soooooo long), then the obligatory wander around the office for the social greetings and gossip (WHY?)……often you arrive grunting under your breath, as if I’M your worst enemy.

What is that really about?

YOU chose me, YOU chose this work, and YOU chose this company.

You keep hurting my feelings and I’m tired of it. ENOUGH!

You ceremoniously dump your laptop, bag, lunch box (oops sorry I mean junk food) onto me, without a care for my varnish or topcoat, grumbling constantly, sighing heavily as you sit down to begin our tasks ahead. You often greet me with disgust and detachment. And often a hangover from too much junk, a disengaged life that you’re bored with, or heavens know what else you bring into the office from home. SORT IT OUT!

And just think about me for a nano second – all night long I have been groaning under the weight of the gazillion “post it” notes, the unfinished tasks, the unbearable weight of papers and multiple books tossed all over me. Don’t even get me started on the stationary, other people’s stuff, and the old dirty cups.

People walk past me and tut tut under their breath when they see the state I’m in.

I want to feel proud of myself again. Do you hear me boss?

I’m here to work, to help support all that you have to do.

I am your slave yet you don’t even know how I like to be treated or decorated.

Let’s lighten up a little and have some fun. It IS possible. Us desks took a little note out of Toy Story – we come to life at night and talk about you and how stupid you are sometimes, wasting so much of your precious time on stuff that really doesn’t matter. The more organized and up to date your life is, the more time you’ll have for YOU. That also means you might leave work earlier so WE GET MORE PLAY TIME WITHOUT YOU.

I don’t have to look like your colleagues desks; I don’t care what they look like as much as I care about US? And imagine if we become the beacon of light in the office, and the other plebbie desks decide to follow our suit. That would be super COOL.



For once I’d like you to greet me with energy, with enthusiasm and with delight for the day ahead.

I’d like to ask you to clean me up, get rid of all the stuff that we do not need today, or ever. All the stuff that distracts you, makes you perform poorly, or just helps you procrastinate. And definitely organize the stuff that makes you grunt and groan at me- like its MY FAULT.

Imagine knowing that I have kept all your precious documents and files safe overnight, in the right place, ready to pass them to you in a flash (or on a flash stick). That meeting you are about to dash out the door to attend – here are all the notes I kept together like we agreed. Off you go, no stress looking for them at the last minute. Aaah breathing is easy again.

The minutes from last meeting- look – already filed on your computer.

And I love that you come and sit at me first thing in the morning and DO SOMETHING constructive.

I hate it when you get lost in emails for a few hours.


GET A LIFE BOSS and stop using the excuse of me, your messy desk as the sabotaging way to feel bad about yourself and not being your best productive self. I don’t like having all your thoughts jumbled on top of me when you leave every day.

I love when we have better order, more ways of separating relevant information and the moment you need it, it’s easy to retrieve. Alleluia we just get on with our day, and you can even finish work early and get a life.

I Love that I have a bit of space now, that you tidy me up every night as you leave and there are no more cobwebs and messy wires tickling my belly and poking my side.

I figured you might need some help with this challenge, so I found this interesting woman…..

Kate Emmerson – the Desk Deva

 She has a book, click here to read about “CLEAR YOUR CLUTTER”  an e-course course called “ARREST YOUR DESK” – yikes that sounds scary for me, but I’m up for it if you are and even better she’ll come in and practically help us get back to the way we are really meant to be.

We can even do ALL the desks at once – oh sigh, just imagine a fabulous team build?

Call her please boss – Kate 0027 82 3413143 www.kate-emmerson.com


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There is nothing that makes me prouder than to offer up my second book DITCH YOUR GLITCH, published by Metz Press. Published 31st August 2015

A purposeful journey to face your “glitch”.
An honest process to step in, step up and step out.

Ditch your glitch is true to Kate’s well-loved style of being honest, authentic, inspirational and compassionate. Her unique process of step in, step up and step out into the world helps you shift gears exponentially to find a new
way forward to shine your light. It’s filled with snippets of her own fascinating life story and interwoven with success stories from brave clients who faced their glitch. This book takes you on a powerful yet practical journey to the self, through deep, inner exploration and transformation so that you can heed her call to live a life of magnificence.

  • Discover five glitches and identify what’s tripping you up
  • Follow 21 easy steps to get jiggy with your goals
  • Liberate yourself through the “potato” exercise
  • Take responsibility and finally stop the blame game
  • Ditch sabotaging self-limiting beliefs
  • Stop letting your fear be bigger than you
  • Set ballsy boundaries once and for all
  • Let go of emotional baggage to unleash energy
  • Boost your bucket before you kick the bucketAre you ready to ditch your glitch?



“If I choose to, then I want to,

If I want to, then I can,

If I can, then I must,

If I must, then I will!”

This mantra represents the essence of this amazing work. Kate has shared her innermost secrets and demons, and in her inimitable way shares her journey and the journey she has helped other people on, one stepping stone at a time. I was inspired, shocked, amused and privileged to read this book. Kate- you are an incredible human being and this book should next to everyone’s bed. Ditch your Glitch rocks! Helen Nicholson – Director of The Networking Company. Johannesburg.

Like a good friend who tells you hard truths, Kate takes you firmly by the hand and guides you on a challenging, life-changing journey. Bravely revealing her own story throughout, she gives you the courage to face your glitches and heal past hurts. Ditch Your Glitch gifts you with the take-charge tools you need to transform your life. Fiona Davern – Executive Editor at Destiny Magazine. South Africa

Written from such a heartfelt, truthful and sincere place, the result is nothing short of a miracle.  It’s a multicoloured roadmap to feeling lighter, more focused, action orientated and all the while being playful along the journey.  I particularly loved the potato exercise and found it fiercely challenging and such a relief when I could finally unload those pesky, heavy items and baggage.  Most of the glitches resonated with me, but the one that loomed large in my life is that of being a “Dreadful Dismisser”, not a good thing when one has chosen a creative profession where there is no such easy demarcators as right and wrong.  Valuing others opinions more than my own kept me stuck in a development cycle of wishy washy scripts until I read this book, committed to the self development work suggested in these pages and finally, courageously prioritised my own opinion and value.  I now have a script that I am proud of, that reflects my vision and the magic of the book, and am willing to stake a claim on my choices.  It’s not to say that other people’s opinion don’t count, it’s just that mine does too.  And it’s not to say that I have composed “Eroica” but I trust myself and my judgement to stand firm, head held up high and say, it’s my personal “Eroica”. Thank you Kate. Patrick Holzen – Film and TV Producer. London

“Sharing the details of a dark, hard past, Kate pulls back the curtain on all that holds us back…the secrets that keep us from a bright, happy life. Raw, revealing, and authentic, she shares her hard-earned insights on becoming honest with ourselves so that we can find genuine happiness and live large. I’m honored to help Kate bring her powerful message to the masses in the movie “The Secrets of the Keys” ~Robin Jay – Filmmaker (The Key Movies), Author. Las Vegas

Ditch your Glitch – my awakening – Kate Emmerson is a friend and mentor, an inspiration and her book “Ditch your Glitch” has allowed me to realize my Glitch, to identify with her story, to understand that I am not alone. This book is a revolutionary eye opener into where I am right now, what needs to be addressed, how to shift change and more importantly, how to ensure a continuity of growth. As an entrepreneur, I get so suffocated with my own rules, my own struggles, my own failure that I never for one minute realised that this in fact was my Glitch, the essence of what is holding me back. Kate, thank you – this is my beginning. Janine Starkey -Speaker and Designer for House of Janine. International Image Consultant. South Africa.

I have consumed many business and self-help books over the years. I was curious to see what new learning Kate would have for me in her new book, Ditch Your Glitch. Was I surprised when she went straight to my Glitch at the beginning of the book, describing it in finest detail. It made me pay attention to what followed. Kate uses old tools and new ones to shift a whole bunch of stuff in a very short time, if you follow her process. She shares hugely valuable exercises in an economical way. The potatoes blew me away. After reading the book I see potatoes everywhere. You must try her potatoes. My thinking shifted in the most powerful way. Forever. Thank you Kate for life changing learning, magical mind maps to plot my future with, and potatoes. Melanie Brummer – Entrepreneur www.facebook.com/melanie.brummer. South Africa

“The pages of Ditch Your Glitch hold a wisdom and energy that is hard to express. Kate’s authenticity complimented by her passion will help you create remarkable shifts. I have attended a self development growth club for a year and I find that Kate’s book encapsulates most of what I have learnt.” Celynn Erasmus – Professional Speaker, Registered Dietician, Author, Passionate Foodie. South Africa

In writing “Ditch Your Glitch”, Kate Emmerson takes you on a step-by-step process beyond your comfort zone to honestly face aspects of yourself and your life that you may not be comfortable with and to realise that success in your life starts with you. Committing to the 21 step process helps you to truthfully face those areas that need to be changed and gives you the confidence to start setting big, audacious goals to become the best version you can be of yourself. Success is achieved by taking small steps that bring you closer to your goals. The lessons learnt are captured daily in the journal you will purchase, allowing you to track your own progress and to recognise those special milestones. Kate shares her life lessons; she even says “I never offer up processes or ideas to clients if I have not tried and proved them for myself”. It is a comfort to know that you do not have to go on this experience on your own. Kate has developed a Facebook page that allows you to post updates on the progress you have made and those light-bulb moments that have resulted out of the process, and also to share the areas you may be struggling with and to get support and ideas from the group to push through these blockages.

We are privileged to be guided by such an authentic leader, who has lived the life she is inspiring us to live. This is not just a book of theory; these lessons have guided Kate to achieve the most wonderful things she has achieved in her life. Kate gently and firmly spurs you on to take bold steps through openly sharing her journey with the readers, making the lessons believable and achievable. I encourage you to read this book which will challenge you to get started on a whole new path to success and fulfilment with a renewed zest. I know that’s what it did for me. Colleen Larsen – CE: Business Engage South Africa

“Kate Emmerson has done it again! DITCH YOUR GLITCH encourages us to look deep into our core to find our magnificence. The only glitch is our glitches keep us from feeling magnificent and being our true self. Ms. Emmerson expertly guides us to ditch our glitch with easy to follow steps and enlightening examples. Kate bravely shares her own back story and exposes her glitches showing that she doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk.” Carol Scibelli: Author of “Poor Widow Me” www.carolscibelli.com. New York.

Kate Emmerson’s “Ditch Your Glitch”, is witty, down to earth, personal, full of great reminders, and my favorite part is that her book embodies Kate’s spunk, spark, energy as a person and her same zeal for life.  “Ditch Your Glitch” is also open and honest which is so important for others to connect & relate as I, the reader did. Thanks for the journey Kate. Carly Alyssa Thorne –  Author, Speaker, Producer, Director www.CarlyAlyssaThorne.com Los Angeles

‘Kate Emmerson is the ‘Indiana Jones’ of shifting lives and always finds a way of turning something that is usually at the bottom of our To Do list (How the bleep do I stop being stuck in a rut?!)… into an adventure ( clearing away cobwebs, reading maps, finding treasure). Eventually we realise that what started out as an ordinary goal ends up being an extraordinary journey (.. with buried loot everywhere!). In ‘Ditch your Glitch’ we get the chance to find our very own ‘Holy Grail’ – come Home to Self, harness our power, and play with our magic. For someone like me who keeps tripping myself up on the “same ol’ same ol’” issues, I found the chapters on self limiting beliefs, top ten values and getting Balsy with Boundaries to contain many ‘Aha!’ moments and I am eager now to apply these to my everyday disciplines. I am also significantly impressed with how its possible to move towards forgiveness with the help of a sack of potatoes! ‘How to Ditch your Glitch’ is an honest easy to follow book which will give you honest easy to reap benefits …you just have to SHOW UP and commit to the adventure.’ Natasha Sutherland – Author, Actress and Motivational Speaker. South Africa.

Kate Emmmerson has so much passion for life, and she has shared it boldly in her book “Clear Your Clutter”, her YouTube videos, and now in her new book “Ditch Your Glitch”. I have yet to meet a person who hasn’t had a story, a struggle, some pain in their life.  Too many people try to pick themselves up, and try to move on…only to find themselves in the same or similar situation.  We’ve all had things that have snagged us in our lives, but few go through the effort to unsnag themselves….to look at what’s holding them back, and why. Kate Emmerson has done that in her own life, and has broken down the steps that got her past her own glitches and has written this wonderful book to help you “Ditch Your Glitch” as well.  The things that are holding you back from where you want your life to be.  Kate has beautifully blended her own personal experiences, her clients examples, and practical exercises that walk you through each step of the way, along with holding you accountable so you are gently pushed towards your goals that you have defined. If you’re ready to move forward in life, this book will help you do just that. Lori Park- Angel Intuitive, Chicago

“From beginning to the end this is a book that you won’t be able to put down!  It truly will help you shift your life and perspective.  There are so many great pieces of information that are shared in ‘Ditch My Glitch’ that will inspire you to take action today!  I found myself creating a new vision board for the 3rd and 4th quarter of the year in order to set my personal and professional life up for success for the year ahead.  Kate’s book will motivate you to be your very best self and will also help you to reach unlimited potential!”~ Beth Bracaglia – Chief Simplicity Officer of Simply Organized and creator of Beth Bracaglia’s Simply Inspired.   www.simplyorganizedtoday.com Ellicott City, MD

“I met Kate quite recently and was immediately captivated by her energy and stimulating conversation. This book is no different to the spirit she evokes in her conversations. The honesty and transparency of her personal story in the beginning illustrates the authentic nature of the content she shares in assisting you and I to truly transform our lives. Ditch Your Glitch is a meaningful and real step-by-step transformational work out that, if you remain true to your commitments, will bring about the desired changes in your life. I feel like I am thriving more than before I read this book. I have moved from mere existence to truly living. And you too can!”~ Alex Granger – CEO: The Possibility of YOU, Professional Speaker, and Author. JHB South Africa

I found Kate Emmerson’s Ditch Your Glitch to be a wonderful mix between The Artist’s Way and Jack Canfield’s – The Success Principles.  In it, she presents a practical step by step guide to creating personal transformation by understanding and addressing those things that are holding you, the reader, back from creating a better, more fulfilled life.  She doesn’t tell you how to do it – she shows you how to do it. By using her own personal journey as insightful examples, you feel as if she is there with you in this easy to follow, actionable, transformative and very readable book. Tessa Graham – Capturing Brilliance, Creating Brands, Building Businesses. South Africa.

From the start this was a truly inspiring book. It kept me wanting more and more and more each day although you said wait. Be patient.  This book is like money in that you always want to have it by your side. Through all my massive obstacles I managed to work through every single exercise in the book. What a challenge it was especially for me for –  someone suffering from depression, illness, health problems, financial problems  and life going nowhere. The most challenging exercise was the “potato” one. What a challenge to keep that bag of potatoes with me wherever I went. I was looked at strangely and funnily but luckily I never felt the need to explain myself. Only the closest people in my life knew about what I was up to. After day 4 I realised that I am carrying all this weight in my heart and on my shoulders. I started to write sms’es, make calls (the ones I could call) and although most of them hurt me I started the forgiving process. No need for thousands of rands at a psychologist etc. This book helped me finally get over my issues with forgiving which was the hardest part. How do you forgive someone … well I did it with Kate’s help and I feel lighter than ever (not in body weight yet) in mental weight.  I left those hurtful potatoes of my past scattered all over the field and it felt so good. I am now in control of my emotions and I will not allow people to use and abuse me anymore. Lighting my candle the next day and writing in my journal was actually the shortest paragraph  ever but filled the lightest feeling of relief . I have taken action on all the aspects of my life and it feel great. I have made my bucket list even though only a couple of things for now –  I will do them – maybe not tomorrow but I have set myself a time frame for this expanding list – I am taking everything step by step. I will buy this book for all my family members and my friends who I know will benefit from this.Thank you for this, Kate, it has changed my life and made it much easier doing everything step by step. This book it is a complete eye opener and I am deeply relieved about taking stock of my life and sorting everything out for myself and putting myself on my priority list for once. Yolanda Duvenhage, A brav woman and mum


As soon as the e-book is available I will let you know!

Where’s YOUR focus huh?

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If you feel like you are spiralling out of control, feel a tad fuzzy and cotton woolly between the ears, and don’t seem to be handling yourself all too well, ….. then you may be focusing all your attention on THINGS YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER AND WONDERING WHY IT IS ALL GOING PEAR SHAPED!

About 5 years ago, I got fascinated and deeply interested in mastermind groups – I followed my heart and gathered TWO of my own mastermind groups which became my trusted group of fellow travellers, feedback, support, challenge and heck – sometimes even a place to cry when it felt too much. I have since facilitated about 10 of them over the years, and now I even do niched ones for writers! General mastermind groups check in usually every two weeks and have deliverables we each committed to in order to shift super fast- I recall one week in particular when I wasn’t shifting so fast, felt like I was spiralling out of my life and needed to get to the underlying reason and understand the bigger picture to move beyond it.

I learnt one of the most simple little models through a fellow coach in the group, that just slapped me in the face in a good way, and I have been sharing it with clients ever since. As I learn, I love to pass on things that I find useful, so here goes, in simple form…

There are 3 aspects in life:

  1. The things you have absolutely NO CONTROL OVER
  2. The things you have CONTROL OVER
  3. The things you CAN INFLUENCE


I realised in one area of life I was WAY too focused on that which I have no control over – getting caught up in other people’s business. I took the lesson and applied it. I can also get caught up in the humaness of life and was focusing too much energy on others, in particular my significant other at the time, at the expense of myself. Bothering about what THEY were doing, not doing, saying, not saying blab la bla. SHEW quick lesson for myself. The moment I recognised it in the mastermind, then I could shift it. I was reminded that when myself or clients are in any of the following scenarios, then you too may be focused in all the wrong places:


* battling to get pro-actively started

* have lost your way and looking at what is NOT happening, grumbling and moaning

* are expending too much energy on others

* feeling resentful and desperate

* forcing things to MAKE THEM HAPPEN

* not trusting the universal flow

* constantly playing things out in your head

* not having conversations you need but having the same ones over again

* focused on working hard, not smart or right

* not looking after self appropriately health wise


…… then often it means we are way too focused on number one, ie, the THINGS OVER WHICH WE HAVE NO CONTROL. This aspect will eat up all your energy and reserves and spit you out at the other end. I suggest you need to consider letting these things go as they do not serve you, in order to bring all your attention to number 2 and then number 3.


Get started by reigning in all your energy, releasing the need to control others or outcomes and focusing in what IS WITHIN your control.

Pay attention to things such as:

Your attitude – what is and isn’t serving you?

Your habits

Looking after yourself healthwise – get rid of that energy!

YOUR to do list – leave others’ alone!

Your outstanding tasks or goals

Doing all that you can to get a project to a certain stage

Fulfilling your commitments

…then letting go if it feels like you are forcing things.


As the saying goes- REEL YOUR NECK BACK IN and keep your nose in your own business and that way you shouldn’t have time to be bothered with others’  business.

When YOU are in control again, then you will start exercising a positive influence over others.


If you feel like you need a bit more support to put YOU back on your own priority list. You might love the idea of the cappuccino challenge. Check it out here


Purposeful Power Through Gratitude

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“Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity: it must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all.”

William Faulkner
1897-1962, Writer and Nobel Prize Laureate

Kate Emmerson - IMG_7252I wish to remind you of this amazing concept called gratitude – I know you will be familiar with it, so this is merely a nudge in the right direction so that you use its positive and purposeful power! For me this is a highly spiritual concept and using it pro-actively will truly transform your life, as I know it does mine.

In my Second book “DITCH YOUR GLITCH”, Due out on the 1st September 2015, I talk about the power of gratitude

Here is a short extract ….

I suggest you aim for 12 small things to be grateful for every day; they can be anything you choose. Do not simply repeat the same list every day, but rather wander back through the last 24 hours and find the things that you are truly grateful for. AIM for 12, as it forces you to dig deep.  Why am I asking you to do this?

One of the principles that you can start working with is that like attracts like. I am not planning to get too airy-fairy on you but this is one of the principles offered up by the universe. If you are spending all day bemoaning and bitching about how bad stuff is, well then, hey presto, there you have it. Have you ever noticed the people who speak badly about their lives are the ones who have a “badly designed” life? And the ones who speak highly of their life, with mindfulness and consciousness, have better, happier and more fulfilled lives?

How would you currently identify yourself? Do you live with gratitude or show up with a bad-itude?

Gratitude                                                    Bad-itude

More conscious                                           Unconscious robot

Trusting                                                        Disbelieving

Accepting                                                     Resisting

Flowing                                                         Constricted

Energized                                                     Stagnant

Calm                                                              Stressed

Pro-active                                                     Reactive

Engaged                                                       Disinterested

Creative                                                         Blocked

Willing                                                           Closed off

Victor                                                             Victim

I find that when I am feeling down in the dumps or mad at the world, the quickest way to shift stuff externally, and correspondingly shift myself internally, is to focus on different things, no matter how hard it might be. I might also simply want to kick and scream, and sometimes I will give my inner-brat permission to do just that, but with a cut-off period. Then I come back to gratitude.

When you are feeling as if your fire is out and you have no energy, that your glitches are running or ruining your life, it can seem impossible to find any magic, have fun, be creative and do anything other than simply dragging your heels through your day. But what happens is that your entire being, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically, starts resonating to that specific feeling: the feeling of being down. It’s like you

… have no life

… are in crisis mode

… always have to rush

… are out of control

… can’t make anything work

… are always stressed

… and on and on it goes.

It creates a downward spiral, with you at the bottom of that horrid hole. If there is something that you want more of in your life, the place to start is by acknowledging what is already working in an awesome and positive way, no matter how miniscule it is to begin with.

I know that it might seem easy to say, “Yes Kate, but when things get better I will feel better and then I will start writing positive things.” I am here to share with you that it is of benefit to start paying attention to the good right now, even amidst the chaos. This is what will help you see your glitches and ignite your fire. It is fine if you don’t believe me right now, but I am challenging you to do it anyway, and the proof will be in the experience.

Because like attracts like, I promise that very soon you will start noticing more of what is right, and less of what is wrong. Perception is everything. When you are in crisis, ruled by your glitches and your inner fire feels non-existent, that is all you are allowing yourself to see. When you start acknowledging the presence of something else, it is like the matches have been found, and the flame can be re-lit. So write 12 things that you are grateful for in your life every day.

Tip: I am part of a group that we call the DDs – Daily Dozen. I used to do gratitude journaling on my own, but have found this more powerful because someone else gets to witness my musings and I also get to witness other people being grateful in their lives, which nudges me to do the same. The power of group energy is tenfold, so use it to your benefit whenever you can. Nowadays, I do a combination of writing my DDs for myself, mailing my group, along with saying aloud what I am grateful for when I’m driving. 

“What you think about, talk about and get off your ass and do something about, comes about.” Larry Winget


With Lightness,


A leap of FAITH to get outta the DITHER zone

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A Leap of Faith to get out of the DITHER zone!

I woke up this morning really not knowing WHAT to share with you on the blog today. I have committed to creating and sharing something with you twice a month, so I reverted to one of my personal transformational tools to help me decided what message I needed to listen to for myself, and share with you.

I burst out laughing when this was what I / we got:


Instantly I had a newsletter!

The summary of this message is: Take a risk and put your heart’s TRUE desire into action. Procrastination about your dreams won’t make them go away! Neither will it make them happen. Indecision is the soul’s burning passion to improve, grow and learn” – D. Virtue

So often clients will come to me wanting support on WHICH decision to make. Now honestly, how many decisions are truly life long ones? Sometimes I think we place too much emphasis on the “RIGHT” decision. Successful souls simply make decisions, move on, and change tack when they need to. They are more inclined to make quick decision, and slower to change them. Could you learn to be a bit more decisive, trust your heart, just say yes OR no, without hesitation?

For those of you that are totally risk averse, give yourself a deadline i.e. “I will investigate and mull and dither until the 31st July” Bottom line is, YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR MIND LATER. Oooh, imagine that! A decision is never right or wrong, it is simply a decision!

Only the decision to have children and getting married (well perhaps even that latter is not even permanent is it?) are decisions for life. Once you have a child you cannot alter that fact. All else however, can be shifted, adjusted, tweaked, improved and totally switched. What freedom of choice.

Do you know how much ENERGY it steals from you to be in the DITHER zone? That energy can be re-directed with purpose and be spent on ACTIVATING your heartfelt choice – starting your business, getting married, moving country, falling pregnant (we know that takes lots of energy hee hee). It can even be the decision on what to wear, which route to take to your destination or starting a hobby. Learn to hone in on your heart and soul and trust yourself – whether it is about your choice of ice cream flavor or your safety when driving home at night and you feel a little weird – go around the block again or call someone to see you in the gate.

YOUR LEAP OF FAITH can be about the small decisions you make daily as well as the bigger ones you are being urged to press PLAY on.

So, what are the things you are shying away from? What does YOUR HEART truly desire right now? If you feel stuck, get support, a team, a mastermind group, counseling or a kick up the proverbial to realize your life is dashing past you– who cares how much help you need to surround yourself with as you flex your faith muscles.

The moment you make a decision, the magic will start happening. I teach about making space in your life, then letting everything flood in to greet you. The moment you make space by making one decision, you are instantly culling all the others, like pruning a tree. Now you are able to accept ideas, advise, thoughts, dreams, serendipitous acts to help you on your way. The place of indecision, believing you cannot make your dreams come true, is a place of dithering death.


What is the worst that can happen? You might trip and fall flat on your face, it might fail, you might hate what is it you have decided about. So what? At least now you know and can re-group and re-decide.


BE bold, LEAP NOW and come and share with me on Facebook what you are ACTIVATING and no longer DITHERING on!



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What does the wonder of WINTER mean to YOU?


I love to draw inspiration and metaphors for life from nature because it simply follows patterns and unfolds majestically with flow and order within the chaos. We can take much needed advice from it to assist us with the “busy-ness” and stress that we deal with constantly. All too often nowadays we are so manically trying to do everything for everybody every day that we burn ourselves out trying so hard. I am suggesting that we learn to go with the flow of the seasons, harnessing the cycle of life. Not always that easy and I have personally been fighting the quieter time for a few weeks – until I remembered to EMBRACE IT! Perhaps this will remind YOU to do the same.

So, what insights and inspiration can we draw from the season of winter and what do we need to pay attention to over these few months whilst the earth is slumbering in the Southern Hemisphere?

Winter falls over a solstice, just this week it occurred – which literally translated means “standing in the sun’. For us in the southern hemisphere, the sun is furtherest north from us, thus creating very short daylight hours and longer nights. This deliciously cold season of winter can gift us several opportunities beyond curling up alone next to a hearty fire with a great book.

How do we translate this into our lives?

The underlying energy that we can tap into is one of completely and utterly pausing: there is a kind of gentle stillness around us. The wheel of life naturally completes over the solstice on 21st June, before it can start up again for the year ahead…it is a natural end and beginning of the cycle of the year. This makes it somewhat harder for us living in the southern hemisphere because we usually hold this intention of endings and beginnings over our New Year celebrations in December. We Southern dwellers need to be extra mindful of this mid-year break to re-charge annually.

Alongside this “pause” in life, we also greatly benefit from integrating into a more social way of life during winter, where we stop to re-charge our internal batteries by spending time with loved ones. This is a time to pull together and gather socially to get through the cold winter nights, creating an inner fire of warmth through friendships and sharing. Whilst the energy of winter creates a slowing down and a conserving of energy, it is also an important time to reflect inwardly even more deeply, and find the point of intense focus for the next stage ahead.

I recommend the following practical pointers to take advantage of this wonderful winter energy, particularly around this next couple of weeks following the solstice:

  1. PAUSE

Start spending about ten minutes quiet time alone every day…. Yes you CAN find ten minutes! Can be in meditation or simply just sitting quietly focusing on your breathing. I use guided meditations I find on the net, and have some aps on my phone. Become aware of where you are spiritually, mentally and physically at this stage in your life. Be mindful and still. The more you practice the easier it will get. I get up and light my gas fire and sit with tea and kitty (some of you know Stripes see below) and do a meditation regularly. Here’s what happens ….

2015-06-19 07.34.352015-06-19 09.15.41-3



Go out and buy yourself a beautiful journal and start journaling a little bit every day to completely reflect your life on paper after the quiet time above. How you are really feeling on the inside? What do you deeply wish for? Your hopes and intentions? This “ME” time every day is vital for self-awareness – remember this is the time for “pausing”. And to be fair, sometimes the journaling is a mere “vomiting” of all the stress you are experiencing in your life. Just let it out! If you need some help on what to write about, have you already done the free series on Quick Shift 1 Thing? If not, then simply sign up on my website and you’ll get some great exercises to reflect on. CLICK HERE


  1. FOCUS

As you relax into the quiet time and journaling, try and allow more of your deeper hopes and wishes for the months ahead to filter through. Whilst autumn is the time look long term for the year ahead, winter is the time to become very resolute and focused on some specific plans for the months ahead. So when the time is right and the energy starts gathering again as the days get longer, what is your plan of action? Winter is the ideal time to spend on this focused plan, preparing for the activity ahead, and that makes the implementation so much easier down the line. You could call these your “resolutions” and determinations for the start of the new cycle.



As close to the solstice as possible, invite your nearest and dearest over….and rather than the bring and share suggested for autumn, this winter season is about being generous and sharing all that YOU have with others. Ideally this should be an outdoor celebration around a huge fire. If this is not possible and you don’t even have an indoor fire, then use as many candles as possible to generate the fire energy. Celebrate that you belong to these friends and family, and this is a great time to share your intentions for the next few months with each other. Also fantastic time for poetry and story telling to celebrate your friendships. Revel in the delights of generosity and togetherness.



I always recommend that this time is fantastic for home projects. Some clutter clearing of your computer files, home office desk, books, music, cd’s, magazines and making photographs albums. Get round to doing those photo albums of your summer trips to warm your heart. The shorter days make it enticing to sit indoors, so use this time ingeniously whilst it lasts.

If you need some help de-cluttering a certain aspect of your life then why not grab the winter special of 4 hours for R2000 ($166 and can be effectively done over skype anywhere in the world) CLICK HERE 

Enjoy the still, inward energy of winter, and generously sharing with friends, preparing you for the upbeat, outward going movement of life as spring kicks into gear, but more about that down the line.

images (1)


Well just get out there and have a ball in the sun, warmth, longer days and living your life. What are YOU currently working on?

The 5 saboteurs to Vibrancy in the Workplace

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Are you grappling to make sense of your world, your energy, time and productivity and juggle just one too many balls in the air? In my experience as a life coach, speaker and author for the past 12 years these are the top 5 areas that companies, employers, executives and YOU  tend to neglect and overlook that will potentially lead to a lack of vibrancy, burnout and low morale in the workplace and your life.

1. Lack of vitality  

Kate Emmerson - IMG_7271Too often workplaces and even when running our own businesses we are focussed on extremely long hours and demanding projects — without taking cognisance of our energy, health, vitality and desperate need for downtime.

Yet ultimately that is YOUR responsibility as your vitality is your biggest gift to yourself!

The corporate culture dictates whether employees value their energy and bodies and treat them with respect, or abuse them through various means. This could be through being too busy, excessive use of alcohol, drugs (yip, even over the counter ones), coffee, junk food, lack of water , poor exercise habits and unrealistic hours all year round.

Doing an exercise that addresses 8 areas of life will help you understand work- life harmony with an emphasis on health as one of the cornerstones of productivity. See the footnote that will help you get started.  Remind yourself of the value of “energy management” which subsequently enhances time management is one key to boosting morale. It is also vital to take regular time off to reflect and retreat. It is also important to ensure you have had all your medical check ups annually to ensure early detection of any disease or unease in your body.

Kate’s personal trick: at the beginning of the year slot in regular downtime / weekends away for rejuvenation and creative reflection, otherwise life WILL take over and before you know it you will be dead beat at the end of another harrowing year.

Have you booked some quality time off to regenerate in the next 3 months? Put in some leave, chat to the family and make it happen so that your vitality levels increase.

2. Multitasking 

Kate Emmerson - 20131102 - IMG_1477

The myth of multitasking is finally being uncovered and making us re-think the issue of what we do when we do it, and how many things we attempt  to do at once. As a result of living in this age where multitasking has typically been revered and widely accepted means that now studies have emerged that are showing in effect we “toggle’ between tasks rather than actually multitask, which means we land up doing everything at a lower level of attention and focus. The way this multitasking shows up includes the following –  Interrupting colleagues when they are performing a task; texting / speaking whilst driving; being at work thinking about home stress and vice versa; sending messages whilst trying to write that report; letting dratted email pull you off task every time it pings another message into your inbox;  and jumping endlessly from one task to another never feeling the kick of completing something with focus and energy.  Any moment you are not wholeheartedly focussed on one task means your energy and productivity drops in that moment.  You land up morphing your time rather then simply being present.

It is important to learn to be laser focussed, even for short bursts of time, in order to be productive and to get rid of distractions where possible. Create better boundaries to be able to say “I need an hour to finish this project, so please do not interrupt me”. Coaching and personal transformation helps individuals and teams learn tools to understand the power of being present, mindful, focussed and thus being more productive. Learning how to stay in the zone, even if for five minutes, is a modern skill we need to learn. Batching your time, energy and tasks is the concept of putting like tasks with like tasks. It is better to sit and do all your emails for a focussed 2o minutes, than to bounce around from phone calls to texts to mails.

Kate’s personal trick is to use a timer — either an old fashioned hourglass one pictured here or even a techie one on your phone like “Pomodoro” or “Downtime” to set 20 – 25 minutes for task completion. Then make sure you get up and move your body, grab some water to increase hydration and brain function, then get on to your next most NB task.

3. Corporate / office clutter and disorganisation 

Our physical environment is so often overlooked — I want to inspire you to think about how a disrespected “physical” space usually equals disrespect in other areas of your life and work and is thus a reflection of underlying habits in our lives. Messy desks, poor space flow, bad filing systems, lack of workspace discipline all tell a story — and the actual physical space surrounding you can tangibly  heighten or depress your energy.  Couple this with the idea that all staff and clients bring their personal clutter to work in the form of emotional clutter or baggage – can you see it can exacerbate the issue even more. It can also impact the effect on others’ opinions  — e.g. clients walking into your dishevelled office may automatically assume lack of order in other areas of the business and thus negatively impact you and your company’s reputation. Think about living with a sense of order, discipline and respect for your space — one that it is condusive to productivity.

Kate’s personal trick —  “Zap Your Desk”   DO THIS ONE SIMPLE THING today! Clear out old projects, obsolete paper, excessive stuff that has landed on your desk. Then schedule a massive clear out at the end of each quarter.  This is a great team building exercise to incorporate one afternoon –  Kate will energise your staff and get your offices clear, energised and boost productivity.

4. Motivating values   


Whilst a company has corporate values and a mission statement that underpins the inner workings and purpose of the company, so too each employee has their own set of personal values, their ultimate motivators and drivers. Employers can boost morale by knowing what drives each person e.g. if one is motivated by family time, giving them an afternoon off to spend time with family might be better received than overtime payment. Knowing what makes one person buzz compared to the next is a key to boosting morale as staff will feel understood. This means having a more personalised, bespoke approach rather than a “one size fits all” – people are not machines and thus do not feel appreciated or valued in the same way. You KNOW this, so do your best to LIVE it.

Kate’s personal trick: ensure you KNOW what your highest priority values actually are so that you build your life and work around those values. For e.g. My higest ranking personal  value is courage, which ensures that even when I feel like backing down in the face of challenges, I remind myself that that is my highest driver, and it instantly gives me a little boost to go for it, regardless of the fear and negative thoughts. If you haven’t done an exercise to elicit what your personal values are, you can contact Kate for a session.

5. Playing to your strengths 

Treating every employee the same way often leads to to dire personal outcomes for everyone involved– a breakdown of confidence and general lack of morale – if you don’t feel properly understood in the workplace by employers, yourself, colleagues or clients, it can lead to feeling dis-engaged, invisible and un-important. YUCK! We each have inherent strengths and talents and we need to figure that out and help carve out a career based on strengths and less around the balanced scorecard of always focussing on the weaknesses. Helping people discover their talents through the work of the GALLUP organisation “Now Discover Your Strengths”   is one way of understanding the self and others better.  It also ensures you can manage yourself for better results according to your natural disposition. This is about going WITH one’s natural energy as opposed to AGAINST it.

Kate’s personal trick – carving a life that truly works for ME around my natural abilities rather than forcing myself to do work or commit to things that decrease my energy. It requires courage to actively engage with your strengths – if you haven’t done some form of profiling that helps you understand yourself better, perhaps now is the time?

If you would like to know how to get started then you can simply sign up for my free video series titled “How to Quick SHift 1 Thing”  to get some energy flowing and some shifts happening today.

Please find my website on www.kate-emmerson.com

What happens in Vegas shouldn’t always stay in Vegas!

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I recently had the pleasure of finding myself in the mad, crazy, decadent and innovative city of Las Vegas. Whilst filming the transformational movie titled “The Secrets of the Keys”, I naturally found myself having insights about life in general, which you can find below…

And of course, whilst everyone goes there because “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” I am definitely operating from the exact polar opposite as this movie sure as heck should NOT BE STAYING IN VEGAS!  You will see below in the pics what I have done to add fuel to the intention for everyone involved , as we want it to reach the corners of the globe and help people along their path. There is an amazing chalk wall in the Container Park, where I scribed “The Secrets of the Keys” goes international. Love Kate. Immediately two twenty -somethings asked me what it was about –  The power of spreading the idea! I wonder if it is still there?

If you would like to follow the activity about the movie CLICK HERE of follow us on @theKEYmovie,  ‪#‎TheKeyMovies‬



The producer Robin Jay that I met last year in USA, absolutely trusted her intuition and guidance when co-creating with all the experts, stars and crew. When we all gathered on set for first morning, there was immediate synergy, respect, connection and a feeling of knowingness between us all. It truly was seeing trust come into manifest form. I also had to trust that this was right for me, and all the work required to get myself there, was a risk of epic proportions that has already paid off.


All the experts featured with me in the movie! The most amazing people that will inspire you...

All the experts featured with me in the movie! The most amazing people that will inspire you…

 INSIGHT FOR YOU: where can you trust your gut to form more powerful alliances and collaborations to leverage your energy, time and ideas? The first answer that pops into your head will be the right one.




Las Vegas just oozes this concept for me. Who would have thought way back when they decided it would be a good idea to create this city and legalize gambling and casinos, that decades later it is still a mecca for madness and decadence. Seeing it in the movies is one thing, but actually seeing it in reality is a mind trip. Not other way to describe it. They have created this oasis that reflects other parts of the world, with New York, the Pyramids, Eiffel tower, Venice and more. They have created a city that for all intents and purposes shouldn’t be there, PLONK in the middle of the desert.

2015-04-11 17.40.04

INSIGHT FOR YOU: If something as crazy as Las Vegas can be built and then attract people, what could YOU build that people would be willing to experience and pay for. Build what it is you dream about!




Walking around in Vegas is a bit like being a star struck extra in the movie “The Hangover “– in fact there was even someone dressed-up like the character with the baby – just to pay in order to have pictures taken with him. I saw things and people that made even me drop my jaw in awe/ shock/ surprise/ delight.
From elderly men in mono-kinis, (my opinion a tad “disgusting” lol) to a guy with a cardboard sign saying kick me in the nuts for $20, (funnily bizarre) to show girls all glitz and glam (delightfully gorgeous), to the awesome Container Park (inspirational use of old shipping containers filled with fabulous artists), to a ten year old powerhouse classical music performer  and dancer doing her thing entertaining the crowd with her Gutspa (see pic). Everyone pretty much does what they want, no excuses other than the excuse to do as you please. It is an opportunity to be outrageous – as permission is implied the nano-second you set foot in the city limits. Everything is louder, bolder, ballsier, bigger (including the big boobs flashed readily in the old Freemont St) and definitely brighter.

2015-04-11 17.46.35

INSIGHT FOR YOU: If you dared to not give a darn about what everyone thinks and try to be boldly outrageous, what could you do to shift your life and business?




Same same same same same. SAME!
Every hotel has HUGE casinos, smoking inside, free booze, somewhat “shady” waitresses, outlandish decorations according to the over-the-top theme and many fun shenanigans to get you to part with your dollars or RANDS . I went into about 10 of the big hotels, as that’s what one does when walking the strip right? They all started feeling the same – noisy, busy, smoke filled and glitzy.

All but two (of the ones I saw).

My first delight at realizing one has to differentiate (and let me be clear they all are decorated differently, but for ME the underlying essence remains the same) was the moment I stepped into the Bellagio Hotel . Not only does it have the well known water fountains dancing to music every half hour or more, it also has the most exquisite hand-blown glass flowers by Chihuly in the reception ceiling – it felt like being underwater with multicoloured jellyfish. I gasped with delight and just stared. See pic.

2015-04-11 16.37.29

2015-04-11 20.35.28

But their real differentiator is the Atrium just after reception. People flock to see this masterpiece as it is altered and updated every season, so 4 times a year. And this is a huge undertaking. The theme for spring when I waltzed in was a Japanese garden, that was duplicated in the flowers around the hotel, the reception and elsewhere. Sublimely tasteful and exquisite. ZEN. YUM.  It was a bit like a mini Chelsea Flower Show with a kimono clad Japanese woman playing the piano live, accompanied by a flute.

2015-04-11 16.47.07

The second was finding the tranquil oasis known as The Mandarin Oriental. Quiet and discreet, with NO casino (J). When I walked in all I found were some beautiful zen spots of contemplative sitting. I had to ask where the reception was – none other than a 23rd floor SKY LOBBY. I slowed down here for some sushi and writing in my journal – when I left an hour later I honestly felt like I’d visited a day spa.

2015-04-11 15.35.40

INSIGHT FOR YOU: Even when your business appears to be the same as everyone else’s, how can YOU stand out and be noticed. Where could you innovatively go against the common grain?




I had the lifetime pleasure of seeing Diana Ross strut her Diva self on stage. The epitome of glamour puss, singing powerhouse, deeply passionate about her craft and in love with the audience, she put on a memorable show. She oozes love, life, sex appeal and class. Plus gowns with feathered trains wafting behind her that made her a treat to watch flouncing up and down whilist belting out all her old favourites, backed by images of Mowtown and the supremes.

2015-04-11 20.59.53

INSIGHT FOR YOU: Are you as committed as GOOEY glue to your profession, your life, your passion? Do you shine your light and ooze love from your pores? If you are bored, fed up, disinterested then what are you going to DO about it?


I hope this has given you some insight from Vegas- see you soon!

With Lightness, Kate
PS. Have you done my free video series to “Quick Shift 1 Thing”. You can sign up on www.kate-emmerson.com


My favourite MIX from PhoeNIX getting a FIX of inspiration.

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I love sharing awesome information, and I am currently in Phoenix, Arizona, where I am on a steep learning curve for my new software, Infusionsoft.

Enjoy some nuggets of information! 

From the CEO of Infusionsoft, CLATE MASK

*INVEST IN MARK  – that is not your latest employee, but it’s your Marketing budget!  My shift over to infusionsoft at the beginning of 2015 was just that, a massive investment in my marketing. High cost, but as I learn more about it, I know it will benefit you with better content delivery.

*FOLLOW UP WORKS – when last did you pick up the phone to a customer, ask questions, send an email to follow up? NO matter how scary, just do it. Recently a brand new customer bought one book off my website. I didn’t have stock and was waiting for the distribution depot to get them to me.

Normally you would send an email keeping them in the loop. I PHONED my new customer to introduce myself personally to him, tell him the situation  and called another twice before he had my book in his paws. That was on a R160 sale. He is a raving fan of mine just for being human! 

It doesn’t cost much to follow up — and yes I KNOW I have not been sending you mails regularly, I do see the irony :)

*AUTOMATION IS A GAME CHANGER in your business – I’m exponentially learning about this one listening to the Infusionsoftonians talk about what they do in their business is eye opening in terms of customer management. I am excited about possibilities.  How can YOU apply some automation in your business? I’ll be sharing some of this stuff later this year !


* AVATAR — When you think about your clients, who is your AVATAR? The perfect description of your perfect client? When you know your Avatar, where do they live, shop, entertain — i.e. their ecosystems?  Where are the watering holes that they hang out at? BE where your avatars are.

*NETWORKING  — for those of you who dislike the idea of networking, think of it as the following …how do you support, empower, uplift the quality of life of the people / clients you care the most about?  Now THAT is a good reason to get out there and meet more people so you can connect the people in your network and do MORE for your clients by knowing more people. Sometimes the very best thing you can do for your client is to refer them out to someone else. That takes guts and trust. Do what’s best for YOUR CLIENT! 


– best keynote I have ever heard a guy deliver!

* CARE-care more about what the people your care about, care about !

* BRAVERY is simply being stubborn in the face of fear. So what if you throw up, cry, don’t sleep. Being afraid doesn’t equal failure, staying afraid is failure. It’s about being willing to be bad at something whilst you figure it out and eventually master it.

 * EMPATHY — is understanding what someone needs and acting on it. Just like my 41 angels ACTED!

 * READ less minds, ask more questions

 * Choosing EMPATHY is cheap, losing empathy is expensive. Go the extra mile somehow for your clients.

 * PAUSE — don’t put people on pause. In an age of technology, make it your mission to make people matter. Get off your darn smart devices and connect when you connect. The ability to stay present nowadays is a total game changer.

* LEADERS who can’t be questioned land up doing questionable things.

*HUSTLE to do the important things other don’t to enjoy results others won’t.

ROHIT BHARGAVA @rohitbhargava

* MOVE from noise to meaning in order to curate an experience.

* TREND – IMPERFECTION. You don’t have to be perfect to be successful. Imperfect doesn’t mean broken. Embrace your rare mistakes but don’t let them become habit

*USEFUL — be useful instead of salesy and give clients useful content

*EVERYDAY STARDOM – find ways to give your clients celebrity treatment.

*MICRO CONSUMERISM – offer clients smaller processes or more intimate solutions at a higher price. Produce shareable bite size experiences that people talk about and share

*BE CURIOUS – if you want to know about something about people, buy magazines that they would read to understand them better and get inside their heads. Great way to collect ideas

I trust you found one nugget you can use to change your game, your life and your business today.

TO click back to my website to get your free 3 part video series titled “How to Quick Shift 1 Thing”, CLICK HERE 

With Lightness, Kate
PS. Have you done my free video series to “Quick Shift 1 Thing”. You can sign up on www.kate-emmerson.com