Discover how to QUICK SHIFT 1 THING Using the 4 G-Spots of Transformation



Kate supports her clients to create S P A C E  in their lives through several aligned threads:  Do you need someone to engage with authentically? She is a best selling author, international speaker and director of Quick Shift Deva Pty Ltd - a company dedicated to sharing the motto LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE! She shares her enLIGHTening ideas with people globally and her obsession with productivity, leveraging and de-cluttering translates into location free online coaching, corporate productivity days and mastermind groups for clients wanting to publish their own books. Her books are now internationally published through appearing in the award winning movie “The Secrets of the Keys”, alongside the world’s self development leaders. She has taken her message to the next level with THE MINIMALIST MANIFESTO and living location free for 2016. Clients include the YPO/WPO, Nike, Massmart, Sage VIP Payroll, Investec, Air Mauritius, Dove, HP, Tsogo Sun, EY and Dermalogica.

"Life is too short to muck about playing small. Kate urges individuals and companies to be rid of physical clutter, emotional baggage, personal fears and limiting beliefs; of disorganisation or chaos; of the desperation brought by workloads, overwhelm or procrastination."


Kate encapsulate the following in all her services & products:

S p a c e  – creating space at all levels to enable flow
Live light – shine your light by “letting go”
Authentic – align who you are to how you live
Courageous – challenging boundaries to re-invent yourself

Insightful – wisdom and compassion offers you unique ways to shift
Funky – “kick-ass”, passionate yet no nonsense approach
Energised – va va voom and vitality enable you to engage mindfully
Clarity – honing in on what’s truly important to your success


Live Light, Live Large!

Known for her “kickass” style when inspiring audiences with her energetic, life changing ideas and her no-nonsense practicality. Kate is invited to speak and MC internationally for Women’s groups, entrepreneurs, specialised retreats and corporate conferences.

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Accountability, support and transformation when you decide to say YES to your life. Kate and her
“quickshift” team offer personal and corporate coaching, training and workshops. Bespoke solutions are created according to your specific needs to achieve exponential shifts.

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Harnessing the collaborative nature of brainstorming, support & accountability to create exponential shifts in your life. Mastermind is a carefully selected group of people who are committed to exponential growth in all areas. She also runs a niched mastermind on "How to complete your book"

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Create streamlined, productive, clutter free spaces to leverage your time, energy and space. Revamping desks, office space, e- mail, filing and of course your brain to increase your personal productivity and effectiveness.

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Watch Kate on your TV screen in 2015 on the HOME CHANNEL! Able to mobilise and clear large, challenging spaces in a short time span, Kate practically helps you shift your clutter at every level, be it physical, emotional or mental. Follow her step-by-step advice via her book “Clear Your Clutter”, online courses, talks or face-to-face interventions.

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