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Holiday guests arriving, house a mess causing you stress?

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I hear this all the time: “I have holiday guests coming and my house is a total mess, where do I start? PLEASE HELP ME KATE!!!

The holidays cause everyone to go into overwhelm and panic mode. It is supposed to be the happiest time of the year filled with visions of sugar plums and presents under the trees or latkes and jelly donuts. Whatever your tradition if you are the host for the festivities you are filled with other people’s expectations only exceeded by your own. You want everything to be perfect. We can break it down into digestible bites.
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REASONS TO ZAP YOUR KR@P – what is your clutter REALLY costing you?

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It’s time to wake up and be brutally honest as to what is holding you back, keeping you stuck and weighing you down! My life motto is to help people to LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE and to that end, one of my areas of expertise is “clutter” that manifests at ALL levels in your life. The subject fascinates me and I get a real kick out of helping you work through your clutter.

Clutter is a powerful triangle of physical, emotional and physiological aspects.

Physical clutter is all the tangible mess and chaos that we can see with our eyes – too much stuff, not well organized, chaos, mess etc.

Emotional clutter is the baggage that we hang onto that negatively affects how we feel emotionally – anger, resentment, betrayal, hurt and old negative patterns etc. It also covers so much more stuff that we cannot see, we only see the effects of it in our lives.

Physiological clutter is what lies inside our body and negatively zaps our va va voom and vitality –pain, illness, excess weight, cellulite etc).


As we kick into SPRING,  I want to challenge you to think about what and where YOU are stuck, stagnant and CLUTTERED? What’s the real costs of all 3 forms in your life from a few angles. I am talking about time, money and energy…grab something delicious  to drink and read the info below:

  1. When you have too much stuff in your life and it is not stored in some form of order, you may find that you go and buy duplicates. For e.g. you know you have a black top somewhere in your cupboard but you cannot find it. You do not know what is in your medicine/ cosmetic / grocery cupboard so you just buy more cream, toothpaste or chutney “just in case”.
  2. When you need to locate something in your house or office, you cannot immediately find it in your memory retrieval system. You have to start thinking about “where on earth could I have put it?”, or “which pile of documents to wade through first?” Translated- a total waste of time and energy that stops you doing more useful things and makes you feel stupid.
  3. If you equate any time that you spend looking for things, or sorting, or even wondering where stuff is, shuffling papers….just do the mathematics into an hourly rate. If you were earning $20 an hour, and you spend just half an hour a day looking for stuff, that would add up to $3640 per year. Yikes! If you have a cluttered life, I bet you are wasting this everyday. Beat the recession by clutter clearing!
  4. Don’t laugh at this one…..but do you or anyone you know need to rent or buy extra storage space to keep all your stuff? So you can’t even access all the possessions that you own? Or you eventually move into a bigger place because you outgrow your old one? Or what about the extreme of not being able to park cars in garages because they are filled with clutter. Now talk about wasting money or devalue-ing your possessions! I work with to help clients store stuff mindfully and purposefully, not just thrown into offsite storage never to be seen in ten years. They are all about VALET STORAGE and having a living relationship with your stuff – and it can be returned to you at the click of a button!
  5. Lots of clutter in your life is very depressing, makes you feel embarrassed, overwhelmed and chaotic. This does not allow you to be creative, energetic and able to put wholeheartedness behind exciting projects. If every time you walk into your office you feel “yuck” because of all the mess, how is that going to help you get organized and productive each day? It will just keep you stuck.
  6. What about late bills because you are disordered, or even late tax submissions because you can’t find all your paperwork for your accountant. Let alone the emotional stress of this, there are the real financial penalties imposed. Or what about annual renewals being late e.g. car licence, audits, medical checks because you have no systems in place?
  7. What about the money that is locked up in your clutter. EVERY single time I go into a clients home we find money – literally picking it up, or by selling stuff, or we find our financial policies etc, not to mention the creative energy unleashed that gives people ideas on how to welcome MORE abundance their way.  When you keep things that no longer serve you, then you are blocking cash flow….these could all be sold and free up some cash. They could also be gifted to friends or charities to get your feel good juices flowing. My clutter clients generate heaps of cash after clearing out, and then put that money to better use…let alone the joy of cherishing all the space they have created.
  8. Having too much clutter also blocks the flow of abundant energy. Think about a dam that is full of dirty, murky water. If you add more water the volume just gets bigger, but it all stays murky and the mud/ weeds keep growing. If however you clear out the dam first, then you can have fresh clean water that is full of life, light and energy. Clutter in your home is dull and stagnant and does not allow for new and fresh in your life.
  9. And what about the wasted time, effort and money to keep all the additional stuff you have CLEAN? Clutter in the form of objects and possessions have got to be looked after, dusted, cleaned etc. Either it is costing your time, or the money you spend to employ someone to do it for you.
  10. What about the time lost due to emotional baggage that you are holding onto? If you are holding grudges, resentment, non forgiveness, anger, hatred etc, well quite frankly it is taking all your precious energy from you. That baggage could be freed up by letting go and moving on, giving you the space for fresh vital energy, creativity and joy.
  11. Linked to this is any body clutter you may be holding onto. Pain, illness, toxins and weight are all forms of clutter your body no longer needs. Letting this form of physiological clutter hold you back is a real dis-service to your body. Treat your body well as you really do deserve health and vitality so that you have the energy to face an awesome day.



I am so passionate about this concept of simplifying inner and outer clutter in life that I created a complimentary assessment  – it will take about 10-15 minutes to complete it mindfully, and what is awesome is that you will calculate both the TIME and MONEY you are currently wasting. It’s great for a little reality check and wake-up call to boost your incentive for DOING IT – clearing your clutter to boost your energy and productivity.







ONE LIFE at a time

Once you have filled the assessment in then you are welcome to mail it back to me for some personalised input for your next steps.


Have a LIGHT day xx



Are you the sabotaging cog in selling your home?

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If you are about to embark on selling your home, or make a massive transition with your property,  then it might be time to take a deep, honest look with me, SA’s leading de-clutter expert ….

Has your home been on the market for too long, with plenty of people through the doors but you are just not shifting it?  Or do you suddenly need to sell uber fast and want to get your home in the best possible position to be snapped up by a buyer immediately? Or does your beautiful home have many memories  (good or bad) that you are deeply attached to, making moving on feel insurmountable right now?

It might be time to look at your property and whoever lives there with you, from a totally different angle. I am known as the Quick Shift Deva – South Africa’s clutter expert, a life coach, best selling author and international speaker, I professionally help clients to sort out their clutter and their lives, freeing them to move on, to LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE.  Much like a combination of Clean House and House Doctor, I will both physically and emotionally help YOU and YOUR HOME get show day ready!

Whilst you may be thinking about what your property looks like on the surface and what needs sprucing and probably how much you want to “get out” from the sale, I suggest you delve deeper. We are talking about emotionally detaching first and then a ruthless assessment, followed by a practical 21 day de-cluttering process to get your home into tip top shape and Show day ready.

You first need to emotionally detach for your sale to hatch. You need to consider all the time and energy you have spent in these four walls – so you will set about starting to find awesome memories, acknowledging the challenges faced in the house, letting go of things you wanted to do. I’ll guide you step by step, ensuring that by letting go emotionally of the space and all that it means to you, you are pre-paving the way for an effortless sale. Next I’ll teach you to get into the buyer mindset, imagining you are simply a custodian of the space now until it is sold and encourages you to do a 150 point ruthless assessment- no kidding or conning yourself. This is where you get down and dirty, deciding what needs to be fixed and spruced.

You have to put yourself constantly in the buyer’s shoes – no one coming through your doors want to see a messy, cluttered, badly utilized space. Buyers need to see themselves living happily in this house, so de-personalizing your stuff is vital. Every ounce of clutter needs to be removed, including the out of sight spots- top of cupboards, kists, storerooms, anything lurking behind or under…… You want to free up your home so that packing is a cinch, and move day a treat! I follow an easy to follow 21-day clutter clearing process that takes you from one end of the house to the other.  By letting go of anything that no longer serves you, you free up your space, allow a buyer to jump at the property, and you get yourself ready for packing by taking only what you love and use to your new home. You can even make some moola (cash) en route by selling stuff you are getting rid of!


You may be the biggest spoke in the wheel when you consider this;

Potential buyers WILL open cupboards to see the storage space and will be left feeling there is not only lack of enough storage, but a general feeling of no space and being cramped and no-one wants that. Your clutter will leave them feeling a combination of oppressed, claustrophobic, crowded, stifled. There will also be the generalized feeling of “I just don’t like the feel of the place”, without much more being said. Whilst each person has their own personal taste as to what they are looking for in a home regarding structure, rooms, size, do NOT fall victim to your mess, clutter, lack of proper streamlined organisation being THE off-putting factor. That is simply chasing sales away when you have every way to be in charge of it.

We are talking about YOU taking responsibility for the sale of your home.

When you have a home full of stuff to clear, thin and throw out, you could be subconsciously sabotaging the sales process – the sale going through will mean you HAVE to get everything sorted at some point. So can you see the link that unconsciously you might quite like the idea of the house NOT being sold so that you can put off this massive, daunting task? It might require a deep level of honesty to be able to acknowledge this, but the trick is to get you PREPARED. That way you signal to the world at large, the estate agent, yourself and the buyer that all is 100% aligned. Also if you are dreading the ultimate packing up and moving process, then why will you want the sale to happen, as that means you will be forced to do  it….


Here is what some Clients have to say

I was smart enough to get a copy of Kate’s Shift your property from “FOR SALE” to “SOLD”.

After just 2 Show Houses we sold our house! We were happy with the very first offer we received! Our Estate Agent said, “Everybody loves your house”. This worked for me:

  • Clutter-clearing BEFORE selling which then makes packing so much easier
  • The importance of de-personalising a house BEFORE you sell it
  • Saying good-bye to the house, with gratitude, BEFORE selling
  • Leaving very little evidence of the owners on Show House days
  • Making sure the inside (i.e. cupboards, wardrobes) are as immaculate as the outside
  • Kate’s philosophy of packing like-with-like made it easy to prepare
  • My husband was thrilled with the results and asked if we could “live like this all the time!”
  • I was delighted to be able to re-distribute goods of value that I am choosing not to take to our new home.

 Life is about results; Kate’s course works. It is also an energizing and hugely rewarding
 process. Thank you Kate! Natalie Uren
Parkhurst Johannesburg


I really wanted to thank you for all your effort with helping me quickly and effectively shifting my property so that it was let in a short space of time. I am still quite in awe that literally 2 days after our first meeting, I received the first offer on the house and not much longer after that and after doing some of your “shifting” exercises I concluded the agreement.

I am a big believer in your kind of work and would highly recommend it to anybody stuck in a similar situation trying to sell or let their property. Your positivity, light, love and manner in which you make the “shift” are superlative!!!

THANK YOU for your help, Regards, Shaun Marais



I am so happy that I am still receiving my hints and tips as part of the course. I advised Kate that my house was sold in less than two months, after she took me under her wing,  TO ME!.

Let me explain.. I was just going thru the motions of buying a house, no excitement, it was just a place to live in.  I was miserable in this house for 9 months since I bought it, and made up my mind to “get rid of it”. Kate started me on her “Shift your Property Course”. I could not believe from day one, the emotions I had cropped up inside, that I first had to let go of, in order to recognise my house and what it meant to me. With clearing out the emotional and physical clutter, my spirits lifted every day as I worked on the course. I changed my mindset about the house and as it became cleaner and prettier, I fell in love with it for the first time.

Now I feel like buying my own house. I am so in love with it.

Thank you Kate, for opening my eyes, and sorry to the prospective buyer. Although I did not financially “sell” my house, there’s no denying it, Kate. Your system works!

…this was from Radia on just day 7 of the 28 days….

I am busy with day 7 of my “Shift Your Property” course. This whole exercise is amazing! I want to thank you for opening my eyes, my heart and my mind. The course has made me stop and think, and do (act). It has made me count my blessings, and appreciate what I have. I did not think that cleaning a house would involve “inner cleaning”. The challenge that lay like a mountain before me, now does not look that big at all. On a daily basis now, I look at the house and think of ways to improve things, to make things look better, to do maintenance that does not cost much or anything at all. When I look at the house now I look at it with pride, and not the depressing thoughts I had before. I am so eager to complete this course. It has already enriched my life emotionally and motivated me to tackle tasks with zest.

May you be blessed for your inspiration to others. Kind regards,  Radia Berry, CAPE TOWN


The energy of the house already feels lighter and the rooms feel more spacious.

CLUTTER BE GONE- HOUSE BE SOLD: That’s my new mantra – but also Kate’s new project – helping me get my house from FOR SALE to SOLD smoothly and efficiently, so as to get me the best possible price and to find the most amazing new owners for my home.

It’s been a few weeks that I’ve been working through the exercises with Kate and it’s been loads of fun and a whole lot easier than I thought it would be, in retrospect.

As with any project, getting started was the hardest part…  but with Kate nudging me along gently, I did it and I’m so grateful for Kate’s incredible level-headedness and support.

The first few exercises brought up all kinds of weird emotions – remembering the initial excitement of owning a new home 5 years ago, to processing some tough events like a divorce and an armed robbery. Later exercises helped me to rediscover the forgotten good memories after all this time and to be left with a more balanced outlook in terms of the house, which will make it easier for me to let it go – with love.

The energy of the house already feels lighter and the rooms feel more spacious. We’ve got a small amount of clutter clearing to do, but luckily that’s next on the agenda… then there’s a small list of things to attend to before the house is ready to go on the market – just in time for the perfect buyer to walk in and snap it up!  It’s really looking awesome – it’s so lovely to be able to know EXACTLY where everything is and to be able to locate things so easily.

Brigitte White, Muldersdrift, JHB



To read more about this unique SHIFT YOUR PROPERTY course, click here


When you are ready to sell your home, your home will be ready to be sold!

The amusement of irony – is it time for a self-weighing suitcase?

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Have you even been so vehemently FOR or AGAINST something that it smacks you in the face? Even just a little bit?


Well I sure get that often. I also know that thank goodness I can see the irony and have a massive laugh about it and instantly think … ooooh there’s an interesting blog topic.


So – you may know from my last newsletter about my EPIC year ahead- embarking on my MINIMALIST MANIFESTO and being location free. That means simply being wherever I am and working mostly from my trusty Mac. A Mac AIR – see the irony that it’s so LIGHT it wants to travel too. If you missed that post and want to read more and watch my video, click here.


In a nutshell I am travelling the world for work, all belongings with me, (3 boxes and a Batisse piece in storage as my only other belongings to be shipped one day – pics in previous post!) in an aim to really take my notion and love of living clutter free, light and joyously to the N’th degree.


I’m working on the concept of 10X  living lighter for 10x  living larger


So I gallivant off to the UK to surprise my mom – whilst chilling out with her is always divine, this trip is actually to unleash my work on HER this time. I surprise her at King’s Cross station, having snuck into Heathrow unbeknownst to her, am booked on the same train up North as her with the sleuth-like help of my brother and watcher face as she walks out the lift – I announce “I’m here for a month and we are doing your house!”


We need to de-clutter her ready for downsizing when she moves later in 2016. I know the irony again right – she would sell and move in my busiest work period and I wouldn’t be able to come and assist her and then I’d feel super “kak” (for my overseas subscribers it’s a delightful South African word for feeling horrible/ guilty/SH%% all at once) at not being able to slip in a trip to support her big move. Well small move seeing as she’s downsizing!

For a laugh, we found pics of course – this is me at about 4 – already bossy with hand on hip, and then me at about 20, probably squirelling biscuits in my cheeks  at the height of my bulimic GLITCH I speak about in my second book DITCH YOUR GLITCH.

2016-04-09 12.44.492016-04-09 13.09.49

So, I had a clear month in my diary because possible trips to Goa and the USA both got postponed as things weren’t lining up and I also did not need to be IN any specific place for 30 days. Which to be clear, this doesn’t mean “holiday”, it means I’m totally location free and devoid of face to face engagements for talks, workshops etc. It means time for working on my online business, looking after my writing mastermind group and doing my own writing etc. and then of course MUM’s HOUSE! You know, I just thought I’d be clear before you get green with envy, spitting into your morning coffee thinking that I’m swanning around the planet doing nothing. Pretending to LIVE LIGHT LIVE LARGE.

I’ll definitely let you know when I’m doing THAT.

Let’s go back a month…upon departing at OR TAMBO I was SO chuffed to have my baggage weigh-in at EXACTLY 21.3 kg’s. Happy dance at check in. Ok, to be honest they thankfully never weigh my hand luggage as that is always filled with some books to both read and my own for marketing purposes.

A month later, mum’s house has experienced a tornado called Kate whilst there is STORM KATIE in the UK – irony yet again which made me shriek with laughter when we saw the name of the storm – but not laugh at the terrible updates of devastation it caused. I have also sold some DVDs, offloaded books, given small gifts and only gathered some small things as gifts to me from family. And then there is a pot of special BETTY’S JAM for my man. That could be another entire post.

2016-03-27 22.27.26-1

To be fair to my brain trying to understand this, on travel day I do land up wearing different clothing to that which I flew to the UK in, so heck, maybe my shoes in the case are heavier after all, but to be honest I was WAY more concerned about my own excess baggage after drinking copious wine and scrummy food all month as we reveled in each day’s work we accomplished. But after packing my case ready to depart, I also thought, darn this feels heavier. Yes, yes – I don’t have one of those fancy schmancy self-weighing suitcases yet.


So thank heavens for dear friends – Not sure if you remember a few years ago an old dear school friend “B” had tracked me down on Fb and then flew me to the UK to de-clutter his entire house and look for a “court required” check worth a gazillion pounds – well the same fella is meeting me at Heathrow for a coffee and a cuddle. We walk me over the check in to get rid of one bag….

I’ll prefer not to say which airline – as dear “N” who checked me in will get into trouble! On goes my wild-coloured suitcase (pics in blog post here) and ……25.5 KG!

2016-04-11 11.06.19

Oops she says it’s overweight. We’ll have to weigh your hand luggage. Now to be fair I have a laptop bag as well which has about 4 KGs of stuff. But my HAND luggage felt as light as a feather compared to what it HAD been on earlier trips this year.

Eeeck 10 kg’s

Not doing too well here am I? Miss clutter free Katie?

So N says, it’s fine, just take a bit of stuff like books or shoes out hand luggage and pop into big suitcase and then you can pay for excess heavy luggage.

I’m mortified. The ONLY time I have ever paid for excess luggage since my first trip to Kuruman on my own at age 8, is when travelling with kitty kats, or boxes of books for functions. But NEVER for my own personal belongings.

I’m fast realizing at check-in that perhaps every time I do fly I’ve got at least 12 kg’s in hand luggage. I’m seriously mortified, embarrassed and start grumbling over my words

I can’t believe this

I’ve never been over weight before – In luggage that is!

THIS IS WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING – looking up at her then I start laughing!!!! I am moving 2 books and one shoe into suitcase and at that moment my dear friend B says- “show her your book” as I’m about to zip shut my life to go off down the conveyor belt

Me: Shut up what are you talking about

N: Yes she says, show me your book, show me your book, what do you do?


Back and forth we go…

Me: I organize and live light

B: Show her your book

N: Yes PLEASE show me your book

Me: This is a cool blog post to share how poor I am at living light


Sheepishly I haul out CLEAR YOUR CLUTTER and hand it to her


Me: Yes I’ll give it to her- keep my weight down!

N: squeals and says you are my hero, I LOVE being organized.

ME: Yes it’s all other stuff too like body and emotional.


N: Yes she squeals when I’m stressed I clear out.

Me thinking: Girl after my own heart and I ask her name and sign her the book.

Coming from SA you know this is sounding a lot like bribery right – I just wanted to pay my excess, see my suitcase go off to never land for the night, pay my fine make B buy me coffee so could go to duty free to buy more stuff for gifts!

She pops my suitcase back on the belt, quickly adds a heavy tag and whisks it off to happy Heathrow behind-the-scenes-land.




N: Hands me a piece of paper and says – send me the link to your blog post when it’s done.


I walked away laughing and feeling totally ironic and sheepish as I’m clearly carrying way to much stuff on my MINIMALIST MANIFESTO.

So another clear out due before my next trip.


After that long ramble – where can YOU see the delight of irony in your life? I know all too often we get ‘peed off’ when things go against what we say. I always prefer to ATTEMPT to see the hilarious side. I guess that’s what my favourite comedian Billy Connelly does – every day life through his wacky lense!

Wishing you an awesome LIGHT day


PS: I’m seriously going global. My books are currently being internationally published under the KEYS PRESS in the USA – so for those of you outside of South Africa, you can grab CLEAR YOUR CLUTTER here. In SA you can grab it here