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You are “counting sleeps” aren’t you?

…either till you go away, switch off and chill to a calmer routine or sign off that final project for the year as you toss some thank you gifts at clients and dash out the door?

Many of you have been begging for this newsletter – impatient creatures that you are – as it IS one of my favourite annual processes to do. At some point before 31st December, I pour a glass of wine and do the following process to help me wander back over the past 12 months to create a deep awareness of the year gone by.

Where you start is not as important as where you finish! Zig Ziglar

Consciously closing out your PERSONAL year – as opposed to simply scrambling to get your desk and obligations clear – is about bringing a sense of order, understanding and insight to your last 12 months.

Think of it as a simultaneous pat on the back and a wee kick up the proverbial. 

I believe life is always a dance between the fab and the kr@p and it’s about letting yourself flow between the two, not getting too stuck on either side. 2015 for me has been a rollercoaster of note, launching my second book, appearing in a self development movie, crowdfunding, walking 2 red carpets, helping 22 writers on their journey with their book, re-creating an online business and letting romantic passion sky rocket …phew.

What about YOU?


If you feel that some conscious questions could help you close out the year, here are the 12 pivotal questions I will be using:

1.  Describe 2015 as if it was the title of a book to capture the ESSENCE or THEME of the year. Be creative and wacky if need be.

2.  What are you most PROUD of?

3. Find one or two HIGHLIGHTS in each of the following 8 aspects of your life, to ensure you do a full sweep of your life.



Home & Family



Fun & Leisure

Self Development

Relationships & communication

4. What is your all time FAVOURITE memory of the year?

5. What was your #1 CHALLENGE? You can either consider something in each of the 8 above areas, or

perhaps there is just one overriding thing that stands out for you.

6. What QUALITIES / STRENGTHS did you call on to overcome this challenge? List as many as you can as this shows your inner and outer resources!

7. Where else could you APPLY these same qualities in 2016?

8. Was there anything on your radar / goal list for 2015 that you DID NOT ACHIEVE?

 9. What STOPPED you achieving it?

OK…. Seriously, excuses aside what REALLY stopped you – HINT- it’s usually a fear or limiting belief at play?

10. LOOSE ENDS?  Is there anything that would be awesome to complete in order to finish off the year STRONG? Could be a last appointment to book, finishing that business plan, sending thank you letters…

Anything that will give you the final close out you deserve.

It is the loose ends with which (wo)men hang themselves. Zelda Fitzgerald

11. VERY NB: In order to create the right energy for your life, what do you need to LEAVE BEHIND AND LET GO OF that will not serve you to take forward into 2016? A person, attitude, job, idea, resentment?

12. What are you potentially STEPPING INTO in 2016 that will catapult your life forward?

I trust these will help YOU close out and consciously consider your year so that you can move to 2016 with strength, insight and awareness.


You can also grab your copy of the movie I appear in The Secrets of the Keys – to really help you gain insight and see life from a  different perspective. CLICK HERE 

A leap of FAITH to get outta the DITHER zone

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A Leap of Faith to get out of the DITHER zone!

I woke up this morning really not knowing WHAT to share with you on the blog today. I have committed to creating and sharing something with you twice a month, so I reverted to one of my personal transformational tools to help me decided what message I needed to listen to for myself, and share with you.

I burst out laughing when this was what I / we got:


Instantly I had a newsletter!

The summary of this message is: Take a risk and put your heart’s TRUE desire into action. Procrastination about your dreams won’t make them go away! Neither will it make them happen. Indecision is the soul’s burning passion to improve, grow and learn” – D. Virtue

So often clients will come to me wanting support on WHICH decision to make. Now honestly, how many decisions are truly life long ones? Sometimes I think we place too much emphasis on the “RIGHT” decision. Successful souls simply make decisions, move on, and change tack when they need to. They are more inclined to make quick decision, and slower to change them. Could you learn to be a bit more decisive, trust your heart, just say yes OR no, without hesitation?

For those of you that are totally risk averse, give yourself a deadline i.e. “I will investigate and mull and dither until the 31st July” Bottom line is, YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR MIND LATER. Oooh, imagine that! A decision is never right or wrong, it is simply a decision!

Only the decision to have children and getting married (well perhaps even that latter is not even permanent is it?) are decisions for life. Once you have a child you cannot alter that fact. All else however, can be shifted, adjusted, tweaked, improved and totally switched. What freedom of choice.

Do you know how much ENERGY it steals from you to be in the DITHER zone? That energy can be re-directed with purpose and be spent on ACTIVATING your heartfelt choice – starting your business, getting married, moving country, falling pregnant (we know that takes lots of energy hee hee). It can even be the decision on what to wear, which route to take to your destination or starting a hobby. Learn to hone in on your heart and soul and trust yourself – whether it is about your choice of ice cream flavor or your safety when driving home at night and you feel a little weird – go around the block again or call someone to see you in the gate.

YOUR LEAP OF FAITH can be about the small decisions you make daily as well as the bigger ones you are being urged to press PLAY on.

So, what are the things you are shying away from? What does YOUR HEART truly desire right now? If you feel stuck, get support, a team, a mastermind group, counseling or a kick up the proverbial to realize your life is dashing past you– who cares how much help you need to surround yourself with as you flex your faith muscles.

The moment you make a decision, the magic will start happening. I teach about making space in your life, then letting everything flood in to greet you. The moment you make space by making one decision, you are instantly culling all the others, like pruning a tree. Now you are able to accept ideas, advise, thoughts, dreams, serendipitous acts to help you on your way. The place of indecision, believing you cannot make your dreams come true, is a place of dithering death.


What is the worst that can happen? You might trip and fall flat on your face, it might fail, you might hate what is it you have decided about. So what? At least now you know and can re-group and re-decide.


BE bold, LEAP NOW and come and share with me on Facebook what you are ACTIVATING and no longer DITHERING on!


What you do IMPACTS others ….lessons from yoga

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It’s midday and I’m just home from an awesome yoga class in which I continuously observe myself in action. I went to a short ONE hour flow (i.e. very short as most classes are 90 min) and was expecting it to be easier that my regular practice, which is  90 min about 4 times a week on average. Well, blow me down with a little feather,  as an hour of deeper and harder intensity prevailed. Arrrgh. I thought I was going to “get off lightly” and recoup a bit of energy and do less as it was shorter. Really?

How often does this same idea play out in your lives?

Sometime we need shorter zaps of intensity and sometimes we need to drag ourselves through the endurance required to go the whole hog. Sometimes we have work with our minds, sometimes our flailing bodies, sometimes both. Mostly we have to let go of dratted assumptions!

I go to yoga so I can go to life.

I let yoga do me so I can do life.

I process my stuff in yoga so I can lead a simpler, more evolved life outside of yoga.

My biggest attempt is to become yoga – the union of body and mind.

So often it is our weak MINDS that allow us to become lazy students of life, and in our bodies.

You also need to remember that what you DO has an impact on others — whilst trying to fight off flu and balance on one leg in yoga, I found another life lesson a little while back.

Kate Emmerson - IMG_7271
No matter what YOUR form of personal exercise is that always calls you back, drags your butt back to come and practice it, I am sure that it too, shows you a way to manoeuvre through your life? If not, maybe it’s time to change what you do?
I get so many insights and lessons, little “klaps” from the universe and every now and then I will also get blessed with a deep sense of strength and peace from doing yoga regularly ….
A couple of months back I found that the general “discipline” in the classes at one point started to wane — or maybe, quite possibly, it’s simply what I was noting at that moment as a kind of mirror. So, is it external, or internal and  am I being mindful of what’s going on around me or perhaps “vomiting” my own energy  and projections where it doesn’t need to be?
Yoga, just like life, at the studio where I practice has a few rules or “guidelines”  in place to keep the space sacred and safe for all. One of them is SILENCE in the practice room, another is arriving ON TIME  for class and not letting students in late, another is that unless it is really, really serious, you are asked to STAY IN THE ROOM – now if you have EVER done Bikram yoga, sometimes that last one alone is the hardest of all.  Staying in that  hot, sweaty, throbbing intense heat can push every button I have ever thought possible. And on other days it’s like a welcome breeze.
So often it is our weak MINDS that allow us to become lazy students of life, and in our bodies.  My insight one morning was that what we do gives others permission. In the last few classes I’d attended all of the above guidelines for discipline had been seemingly “broken” or “negotiated”.  The moment one person crosses the line, the next one does so too. I notice that the moment the first student leaves the room, for whatever reason, that  9/10  times another one quickly follows, and then people walk around getting tissues etc , etc. It’s like a negative domino effect……BAM.
So the opposite is true too – that by STAYING in the room, staying in the pose another moment, just one more second, enables others to glean strength from you too and be the positive domino effect. The moment you give up,  it gives others permission to  give up too. So what are YOU doing in life, that is negatively or positively affecting YOUR life, and thereby the domino effect to others around you. Now I KNOW that in yoga we are only meant to concentrate on our own two eyes, our own experience etc, but one cannot deny the group consciousness — otherwise we’d all be practising yoga on our own at home.
My own personal journey is to notice when I’m being judgemental – of both myself and others, and yoga provides that chuckle and annoyance all the time.
We are the observers of our thoughts, observers of our surroundings, as within so without.
Yoga is the most amazing practice when done in synergy with others as that energy can circulate the room and lift you farther and higher than you could ever go alone — be mindful when you break that energy out of sheer lack of willpower, being unconscious or lazy.
Be mindful of how soon you give up,  as the class is only as strong as the weakest link.
I promise to do my utmost to stay a moment longer, be present a second more.
 These pics were taken for my latest photo shoot and are two of my favourite yoga poses that require bulldog like determination and focus.  I do NOT look as calm as this when I’m mid class – you’ll find me all redfaced and sweaty. CHARMING! You cannot think of anything else when in these poses – lol I just fall over if I wander off in my mind, or have drunk too much wine the night before !
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With Lightness, Kate
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