“Falling apart” or “falling together”?

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At some point in our lives we all tend to use the expression “my life is falling apart” – when everything seems to be going haywire, losing its grip and shattering before our eyes.

What we forget is that it is always, well mostly, for our highest good. We don’t want to hear that when we are kicking and screaming against the changes, the flow that appears to be pushing against us, the struggle and the potential fear of NO MORE.

We are the ones that make the changes harder and harder to welcome. I came across this beautiful expression this week about rather than seeing it as “FALLING APART”, that we view it rather as “FALLING TOGETHER” – the bigger picture is usually about about falling together – IF we can get ourselves and our fragile egos out of the way. It reminds me of one of my favourite poems of all times called GOD IS LIKE THE WIND, that i will share below.

If we play small, hold tight and forget to go with the flow, life will feel like it is truly falling apart. If for one moment in time, we can remember the bigger picture that we are never meant to know in totality, it can make it seem as though our soul is truthfully assisting us to fall TOGETHER again.

Our journey here on earth is one of wholeness, inner healing and a return back into the full joyful expression of who we really are. BREATHE.

So next time you feel like you’re falling apart, remember your soul might be helping you to fall together in the most exquisite way.

Here is the beautiful poem I have loved for over 20 years

GOD IS LIKE THE WIND  – by Don Glassey

We cannot see the wind, but we can see the activity it creates;

Moving through the trees, rustling the leaves, blowing over grasses. Likewise with God, for though God is invisible and unseen we can perceive the effect of God’s creative force in our lives.

In the miracle of birth, in a mother’s unconditional love, in the joyous laughter of a child.

Even when there seems to be no wind, if we are very still we can feel the wind’s presence

Similarly with God, for in those moments when we doubt god’s existence, if we are very quiet and calm we will feel God’s omnipresence.


When the wind blows very hard, if we are moving very fast, we may not be aware of its strength.

Likewise with God, if we are very restless and busy we may not sense God’s presence even though it is omnipotent.

If we disregard the re-balancing force of a strong wind, it may blow more powerfully in the form of a hurricane or tornado to fulfill its purpose.

Like wise with God, if we ignore God’s omniscience in re-balancing our lives, God’s will may be more forceful to bring us back to purpose

It is always our option to heed the forces of nature and hear the message in a gentle wind, or we can wait for a gale wind to get our attention. Similarly with God, we can listen to God’s whisper, or we can wait for God’s shout.

It is always our choice.

So, what are YOU choosing to think, feel, experience and reflect today, RIGHT NOW? Let me know below …. or on https://www.facebook.com/kate.emmerson.page

Blessings, Kate

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