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    PLEASE NOTE! Please consult with Kate before buying this as travel arrangements, extra staff, additional organisers etc apply over and above this rate. This is a guideline only.

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    CLEAR YOUR HOME -STARTS OFF  at a minimum of R5900.00 per 7 hours day.

    PROFITABLE OFFICE productivity rates by quote only – depends on size of office, number of staff in the team etc .

    Please consult with Kate before buying this service as travel arrangements, STAFF, additional organisers etc. usually apply over and above this rate, so it is merely a starting guideline. Please book a CLUTTER CONSULTATION first to determine your needs Click here CLUTTER CONSULT .
    The clutter consultation will unpack your situation and determine the length of your specific job requirements, as each one differs.

    You will experience the most effective, supportive and streamlined help possible by inviting Kate and her team into your home.

    Sort your cluttered life out immediately. They will offer you a compassionate “kick” to move forward through your stuck-ness and overwhelm, leaving you with the most amazing feeling being in control of your life again.

    Kate will travel anywhere in the world for juicy projects, so additional travel costs may apply.

    Kate is highly sought after to assist you when a loved one has passed away, helping you sort through their precious belongings and make a new home and life for yourself when you are ready. She will also help you move loved ones that are far away, offering an end-to-end bespoke service to take all the stress out of moving them. Her global nomad energy LOVES moving and will make the process effortless for you all involved.

    Clients often call in Kate to support their downsizing project.

    WANTING TO SELL YOUR PROPERTY but having trouble? Kate will ensure you have emotionally detached from your home before your first show day, making the SALE go through with ease and grace and SPEED through her revolutionary programme SHIFT YOUR PROPERTY – SELL QUICK SELL HIGH!


    Kate and Nicole came into our offices and tackled our “creative room” which probably houses thousands and thousands of sample bottles as well as cupboards full of actual products and files.  Within three hours a fantastic clean up, clear out job had been done. Clearing out the old out of date products and re arranging all the rest. The room has now been transformed and it will be a pleasure to work in.  Thanks Ladies on a job very well done.  We can highly recommend your practical and inspiring ideas to anyone who needs a spring clean.
    Clarissa Heyman, Director, Claman (Pty) Ltd. 

To see the pics from this transformation please click here  Dear Kate,
    What a fantastic service you offer through your “clearing the clutter”!!!Living abroad and having engaged you and your team to help relocate my recently widowed mother, I have nothing but the highest level of praise for you and the way in which the service was conducted.Apart from being extremely efficient in the execution of your agreed services, you were extremely compassionate, patient, firm and understanding of the emotional turmoil that my mother was going through. It was, for me, compassion and service excellence that go well and above the call of your advertised services.There were no stones that were left unturned and your attention to detail in terms of completing the work was fantastic- not only that, but the constant follow up afterwards has for me been an example of “service excellence”.My Mom is now well settled in her new residence and I think the mental as well as physical transition has been relatively easy as a direct result of the dedication and commitment you and your team provided.It’s been a pleasure doing business with you and I am more than happy to recommend your organisation to any others who face a similar situation.Regards
    Bruce Robertson
    (South African – Living in China)Dear Kate

    You have changed my life!!!

    How about that for a positive start to a letter?  Even though my clutter was not so much and only in one section of my home (the office), the “Clutter Clearing” has affected all parts of my life.

    From the day you arrived I noticed immediately your energy, which is alive and buzzing and immediately compared it to that of my own and my home.  I had not realized just how “dead” I was, even my plants, both in-door and in the garden were dead.  That was an eye opening moment for me!  You kept asking me if my life was serving me, and I guess it was serving me in a very negative and dead way. So we sorted through the clutter, I cried and you embraced me, it took two days and I immediately felt better.  It was energising to see the changes, the “stuff” donated, thrown out or burnt (nice warming winter fire).  However there was more to come.

    It has been two months since you came into my home and so much has changed. I have continued to clear (sort, donate or throw), and move things around in my home, giving it a new fresh feel. My children and I have become closer, there is now laughter in the house, (I am ashamed to say that it has been a long time since there was)

    I have started yoga, which I absolutely love and I attend three times a week which makes me feel alive and happy!

    I have a new job, wow a big change.

    My personality has started to come back.

    I have lost weight.

    My friends keep saying “wow you are looking so good”.

    I feel like I am almost on a precipice – not to drop off but to rise up and take new direction.

    I can’t say that it has been only good, the result has been good, but of course I have had to work through some emotional stuff, (which was necessary) had lots of tears flowing and cleansing.  I have been able to finally deal with the emotional stuff I have been carrying around for years and I am feeling so liberated.

    So Kate, thank you, thank you, thank you

    Yours sincerely

    Janine Labistour JHB – 


     “I love knowing where everything is and that my children are taking responsibility for their playroom!” Andrea – happy JHB client.

    “We called in Kate and her team because my house was disorganized and family and staff alike had no idea of where to begin to keep it tidy. It was sapping energy from all the people in the home. Half way through the process I felt excited and ready for the change. By the end – exhausted, but happy that everything was ordered. Now – everything seems a little clinical (but that is in the face of utter chaos before). I am now re-evaluating where things should logically be for me. Still happy!

    I would rate the overall experience as a 9 out of 10 with all ideas given being very useful. The service was incredible and the follow through with disposing of donation goods and sold items was incredible.

    I have already sewed my daughter an apron from our “stash” of material and have promised to make a dress! I am keeping things neat. I love knowing where everything is and that my children are taking responsibility for their playroom!

    I am now noticing all the things on the outside of the house that need fixing… Watch this space! The hardest part for me will be keeping stuff in the right place. The easiest part was clearing out the stuff I don’t need.

    Kate arrived on time with her team of people and explained the process to us. Then engaging with everyone in the home – family and staff she began. I decided to start with the hardest space – my bedroom as I am the worst (if not the oldest) clutterer in our home. It took hours to do that space. Lunch was a welcome break and already I could start to see the changes. The end of the day was greeted with a dozen or more bags of goods to be donated sitting in the middle of my home. My husband and I were tired but ready for another day.

    Day two began with more focus as we still had a lot to achieve in a single day. We achieved a lot and the end of the process identified some things that could be sold (almost a third of the fee was paid back by goodies sold). We are all looking forward to inviting Kate for tea to show off any improvements we’ve made and to show off our tidy home … also to feed her some yummy cake that I will make with my newly tidied and neatened cake decorating goodies! I am nervous about being able to maintain the systems put into place, but resolve to not let the house get out of hand ever again. Overall, we had a great experience. Our children love being part of it and our staff love the control they have over space.

    Kate is incredibly intuitive and efficient.”

    Strangely enough and totally unexpected, the hardest part the linen… letting it go.

    This call was long overdue, but again, everything in its time. After being retrenched and signing the document, that very day the urge to purge was overwhelming. I believed and felt it would allow me to move on with less “pain” and allow all the new and fabulous opportunities to come into my life.

    At the start I felt calm, half way- overwhelmed me thinks and by the end- blown away by the end result, but exhausted, could not wait to shower and wash it all away. Monday I woke feeling good, but as the day progressed I felt so heavy, body ached, head ached, nauseus, could hardly get myself together. But now, feel fantastic.. keep opening the cupboards to admire it all….I  do feel lighter and more free! No longer concerned who opens my cupboards!!!

    I rate the overall service as AWESOME! 10! 10! 10!

    Strangely enough and totally unexpected, the hardest part the linen… letting it go. I still had duvet covers from when duvets first came to SA… ok I hear you laughing….no it was not in the dark ages…. :-). The easiest part was not having to pack it back into the cupboards myself. That in itself was such a blessing, everything in order and in its place. Kate handled the job With love and respect for me, my feelings and my ‘things”

    Kate, I can’t believe anyone now would want to live with that kind of clutter holding on to all the new things that could be waiting to come in. Having recently been retrenched, it was money well spent. An investment in my future and closure on the past. Will keep you in the loop as to how it progresses.

    Love and light and an abundance of blessings…

     Tracey Leppan, JHB May 2012. (after just 8 hours of clutter clearing).


    MANDA  – 4 days in Tsitsikamma on her farm.

    I called Kate in as I had the need for moving on with my life – clearing out all emotional barriers sealed by the clutter all around my home inside my home andI called Kate in as I had the need for moving on with my life – clearing out all emotional barriers sealed by the clutter all around my home inside my home and especially my office space. I felt Anxious, scared and excited all at the same time also bit uncertain before we started. Half way  through I was tired, relieved and motivated and not to forget the  extreme excitement. By the end  I was Emotional, thankful and soooo happy to see all of my space and the beauty of it is for the first time in the last 2 years I really want to be in my own space and company.  Lots of painful emotions lifted as the clutter is not there to side track me any longer it feels spacious, clean and inviting. I have realized that the way I treat my surroundings is a mirror of the way I think … the right mindset will attribute towards positively moving forward with living my life in a rewarding way.The hardest part was dealing with the finality of closing the book of the past and opening a new book called My Future – Scary and liberating as well. The easiest part was following the method Kate uses  – and throwing all the excess on the “to go pile” – not having to deal with handling things more than once. Everything was efficiently and well planned – an action plan combined with hard work, sticking to the schedule as well as the empathy shown by Kate and guidance offered contributed to the successful completion and leaving me a more than happy and most thankful customer. Maintaining  the systems  put in place seems possible with the least bit of effort and daily maintenance – above all practice discipline learned through the coaching of Kate I rate her service 10/10 ONE BIG THANK YOU! Manda – Tsitsikamma xx


    When we started with the cleaning and tidying process I was really excited about the changes to come. I had done a similar thing to this when I was in my bachelorette pad and it really was so helpful. As the day progressed I felt that we were certainly making great headway. Although it was mentally and physically tiring, the process was starting to make sense. Obviously it did become rather chaotic before it became sublime. Once Kate and her team had finished I felt such calm and order and really felt that I lived in a home, not just a house. I rate her service 10/10 of course! I finally know where all my belongings are and I feel that my house can be presented to family and friends with pride, not with a sense of shame because of all the clutter. Just a huge thank you Kate. I really could not have done this on my own. It was just a massive job and with your help it really went smoothly. I might still need you to help out with the last bits but I will do my best to get most of it done. This process has made a significant difference in my home.  Kirsten Miller JHB


    I would like to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for coming into my life and for helping me to de-clutter my life.  Without you I probably would have given up half way.  You are simply the best person, your techniques, the way you organize and plan, there are no words to describe you.

    I have had an extremely emotional week and have felt positively ill.  The thought that as one puts it “the calm after the storm”, and now I feel empty, as if something, not quite sure what is going to happen, but then again knowing that after sorting the photos (Anne, my friend from work is scanning them for me, and I will be going to buy the digital frame tomorrow), once this is done – what is the next step – a feeling of emptiness – yet total satisfaction at the same time.It is still so strange opening up cupboards and everything is in place, and neat and tidy, knowing exactly where everything is.

    Yesterday I put on my navy blue pants, that did not fit last month and now they are fitting – a great feeling – I will weigh again today and I do feel lighter, so hopefully will be down again. Whenever I feel myself getting tense and raising my shoulders I remember your words – to relax the shoulders and breathe.

    “There is so much more to Charmayne’s emotional story needing to let go of some emotional pain attached to one of the rooms – clutter clearing’s magic never ceases to amaze me!  from Kate”




    Here is her story… After, relatively large, home renovations, I was left with feeling so dissatisfied.  All I wanted to do was sell my home….Remember, this was a house I absolutely loved & wanted badly. Hubby kept saying no to the sale.  Thank goodness. After much deliberation & watching one of the shows on Oprah, I decided to find a ‘house declutterer’    Up came the name of Kate Emmerson: Life coach. I made contact, found out what she was all about…and what the exercise would cost and then sat and did nothing!!!  For a very long 3 months. All the while feeling more and more discontented.   After returning from a short holiday, the wheels were, once again, set in motion.    Kate arrived to do, what I thought, my home spring-cleaning!!!  Ha!  The joke was on me…

    In came this little dynamo…Not only did she spring clean my home but she cleared so much clutter from my head too! The journey &believe me, it most certainly is a journey, began.  No relaxing ride initially tough.  First 3 days my body went into revolt mode. Aches in places I never knew of anymore.  Gut upset the lot. The more I cleared the worse it became. Even the family got scared, very scared, I was beginning to change!  Then came the ‘wanting to cry thing’.

    By the next week I felt as if I could really breathe for the first time in years.  The feeling of freedom I experienced just letting go of goods and thoughts and ideas that no longer served me, was amazing and liberating!! I made a bit of money back by selling some stuff to an organisation and the rest was donated to Breach. A very worthy organisation who help others less fortunate. They willingly fetch anything you’re prepared to part with. Amazing group of people.   Having crazy, bubbly & oh so cheerful Kate in my life for 2 whole weeks was brilliant.  I think she could make the most miserable person on earth happy.  She did most of the heavy work, thank goodness that she’s young & able, I don’t think my old bones could stand the pace. She finally left & I have to say a huge

    THANK YOU for showing me how to regain my freedom & teaching me how to breathe properly & just simply be happy & true to myself  & for leaving a pesky little song buzzing in my head, every time I THINK OF HER.  Just picture a little person, standing at your front gate, doing a little jig, singing for all the world to hear,  very early in the morning, with the biggest grin ever (you’ll get the tune if you know the words)  GOOD MORNING, GOOD MORNING,  IT’S SUCH A LOVERLY DAY, GOOD MORNING, GOOD MORNING TO YOUUUU. So, Kate, this is for you, another song that I will sing -I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW THE PAIN/RAIN HAS GONE………….I CAN SEE ALL OBSTACLES IN MY WAY, GONE ARE THE DARK CLOUDS THAT HAD ME DOWN…………IT’S GONNA BE A BRIGHT, BRIGHT SUNSHINING DAY!  One or two words have been adapted in places to suit my life   For all you did for me, from the bottom of my heart, once again, THANKYOU !!!   Much love and see you one day in the near future.


    The Quick Shift Deva aka Kate helped me yesterday to de-clutter.  I was really nervous as there is so much it, and I have been carting all this around from my house for about 7 different house moves!!!!!   I was totally overwhelmed at the thought of de-cluttering, but decided that I should maybe get rid of some of the stuff instead of transporting it all yet again, which is such an albatross.

    Kate to the rescue.  She warned me it would be hard to go through with the de-cluttering.  I had to convince her I was 100% ready and willing to let go on some of it, but it was really traumatic.  I hate to give up anything, because I might need it and also it cost a lot of money, and therefore is valuable.  Or worse – I am emotionally attached to it [the sentimental stuff] and so how can I possibly part with it?  That was one of the traumatic parts.  That I have maybe not used it for over six or seven years doesn’t make any difference.

    Kate worked me [and the staff] hard, she kept me very much on track, not known as Kickass Kate for nothing!  I was motivated by Kate, encouraging me and helping me see the big picture.  A traumatic event became filled with energy and effort, and we got through more than twice what I expected!  She never gave me slack, even when I felt close to tears, for which I am extremely grateful. I feel truly blessed to have met Kate, and to have someone of her calibre in my life.  A thorough professional, knows so clearly what she wants to achieve, and straight as an arrow to get there.  Her attitude is to be admired, she never harbours ill feelings, and when she left I felt lighter, happy and filled with gratitude.  It was not easy, but it is done!  What an achievement.

    Love you darling, and appreciation from the bottom of my heart.  Lorí Lea Harley, Executive, Entrepreneur and ADHD Coach.


    Heide Block JHB

    I told Kate about it, her heart starting beating and she enthused that she just LOVED doing these kind of things – she could barely wait for the opportunity to get into the mess, which we were so keen to get out of … she came around to see the site of battle, drew a plan of the sights and then discussed a strategy for a Keep room( to allay the fears of family members that someone would toss out much loved pieces) ; a Sell room( there were times we got so crazy with this building process, we could have done with a Cell room (probably padded would have done well!) and some other suggestions.

    Sunday morning Jan 20th came with Kate and eight other pairs of hands (some eyes rolled, since we’d done clean-ups several times in the years with little effect really!) Sleeves rolled up and we got stuck in to the room that would need to be cleared to be an art studio.

    Kate was hands -on too, no need for gym that day . She firmly but respectfully guided the emptying out of the room and into the designated areas.

    By middle of the afternoon, it was empty ,and the washing of floors and windows could be done. No going home for Kate till mission accomplished so by 5.30 pm the instruction was issued “to bring out the art stuff that has been lying under beds, against walls, in cupboards to it’s rightful place”

    I had a feeling of exhilaration of a goal achieved, an open space, and the thought of what could be created there was so exciting. We have still got a way to go with clearing the Keep and Sell, and Give Away  rooms, but the task is a lot more manageable now, thanks to the work done with Kate, and also a resource list she gave us to contact appropriate people. At best  it can be bought, or at least , removed.

    We were greatly helped having Kate’s kind, enthusiastic energy and support- I would really recommend Kate and the process of having someone come in to facilitate a de-clutter!

    This is what precipitated the clutter clearing: Some people participate in a Mexican wave with great energy and joy- we’ve just had a “renovation wave” ! It took five years to ripple.  It started at the  beautiful Tipuana tree (that had lifted the paving of our outdoor patio, occluded a large water drainage pipe completely and finally was making it’s way to the house foundations). We knew the time had come…

    In five years virtually every room in the house got some attention – book shelves came down and books got put into boxes and were shunted to the next room down the passage ,which ,when that room was worked on, were shunted to the next room down the passage. Clothes cupboards got emptied into big black bags ; records crated to be given away some time;CD’s of the” why did we ever buy that type” and ornaments of the’ how could you ever have liked that” type got removed from shelves that were sanded, and revarnished in more contemporary mode .

    We had years of “I Know we’ve got that but I wouldn’t even attempt to start looking for it”; treasures from grandparents broken because boxes were put on top without thinking , and the dust!!…till day I needed my black jacket – I took it from the cupboard and saw it’s dust epaulettes …

    ‘enough’ I cried..” but where do we really start?” Another BIG factor that precipitated this desire to shift stuff and clean up, was my decision/ desire to create an art studio for myself( the end point of a long worked for plan to have some time and literally too, room for myself. Art colours my life and gives me energy for other things..)

    Heide Block


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    1. Dropya

      Excellent site! I will certainly cofinrm that when my office is a mess I lose energy and desire to do work. It took me a while to realize this, but now I know that having a well organized office space makes it easier for me to concentrate on what I need to do and be more creative in my solutions. Thanks!

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