DESK DAY DEVA- Streamline your desk, admin & workflow now!


    Product Description


    Small office teams and corporates please mail me for a quote

    DESK DAY with DESK DEVA KATE –  6 hours
    Get sorted for R4900 and start tripling your income when the energy and flow is right!! 

    Either face to face by agreement with Kate depending on her world schedule or we can do online super effectively from anywhere in the world.

    Together we will face your desk demons to get you streamlined, energised and sorted- ready to tackle the last part of the year with ease, flow, space and creativity.

    If you are battling with work or admin and feeling stuck, stagnant, no client flow, can’t write your book, never get around to your endless piles of paper and generally feel like your home/ business admin is ruling your life, then invest in a 4 hour ZAP with Kate. We will tackle your home admin area/ entrepreneurial office. PLEASE NOTE: This price point is for one person only – should you wish me to come and help your team / corporate office please mail me for a quote and a bespoke solution.

    • Practically declutter your desk and office
    • We will sort, purge and organise all your paperwork, post it’s and paperclips – ONCE AND FOR ALL
    • Decide on the look and feel for your desk and creative space so that you fall in love with it again
    • Create the right workflow system for you
    • Get practical advise on organising products to purchase
    • Feel in charge of your admin life again – PRICELESS!

    I know that when your paperwork is out of control that you are always procrastinating, delayed, feel ever so guilty when looking at it all and are wasting HOURS of precious time. Let’s transform that with your DESK DAY!

    Take charge NOW.
    P.S – for TEAMS or corporate offices please mail to get the right solution and quote.