Join my INTENSIVE WEEKEND MASTERMIND designed as a quick yet exponentially powerful boost to LEAP ‘n LEVERAGE YOUR LIFE.


    Product Description

    Join Kate and peers for an intimate, power packed INTENSIVE WEEKEND MASTERMIND 

    Kate has been running masterminds since 2010 and is currently part of a USA based mastermind group for her own upskilling and self-development.  Always interested in pursuing new models of transformation, her deep dive ‘TASTER’ versions both face to face and virtually by international demand, are proving a massive hit with her existing clients and newbies alike!

    If you are intrigued by the concept of a Mastermind group, THINK you know what they are all about but not entirely sure whether you can or even want to commit to a few months, then this is just for you. A power-packed FACE -TO-FACE VERSION (in Johanessburg) to dive deep and fast to EXPERIENCE mastermind. There is no longer-term commitment beyond what is outlined below. If you think that sounds too good to be true, listen below to what some people below have to say after their experience, and sign up for this next FACE TO FACE INTENSIVE WEEKEND.

    DATE: TBA for 2020

    Includes morning and afternoon teas, snacks and a full lunch, plus all refreshments and the special talk and networking event on Saturday night


    DAY 1: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

    * Focussed Introductions 
    * The Power of Masterminds and how to get the most out of them
    * External facilitator – LEVERAGING YOU! 
    * Mastermind hotseat #1 – The heart and sole of mastermind!
    * 4 pm – 6pm NETWORKING EVENT
    Designed to help you catch a wake-up about the future of business and meet amazing people within Kate’s network in a power-packed two-hour session.

    DAY 2: 9.00 am – 4.00 pm

    * Buddy up breakfast
    Mastermind hotseat #2 The heart and sole of mastermind!
    External facilitator – LEVERAGING YOU!
    * Action plan hour
    * Wrap up and take-aways


    FIRST STEP: Please download and fill in the application and mail it to me:
    Quick Shift Mastermind – application 2018

    Then we will schedule a quick call to ensure this is a great way for you to spend your time, money and energy!

    Experience this ONCE-OFF INTENSIVE MASTERMIND WEEKEND where we all jump in deep and fast and have the privilege of max 6-9 other brains, hearts, souls with all their combined skill and experience. We meet for 2 full days and you will receive profound input, support, be challenged and asked tough yet insightful questions.

    Show up full-tilt with everything you have got – skills, knowledge, resources and your heartfelt spirit to shift your life and support others to do the same.

    Pre-determine (privately with Kate) you wish to “mastermind” in one of your hot seats on the weekend. This alone forces you to hone in on what really matters and is what Kate is really masterful at facilitating.

    Maximise your time, energy and money to LEAP ‘n LEVERAGE and finally get to experience what Mastermind is really about. This weekend version is a  self-contained “taster” with no further obligation other than fulfilling your personal commitments and following through on anything you may have offered to another “masterminder” in the way of a resource, contact, idea etc. There will however be an accountability buddy system and a follow-up group call online with Kate that is voluntary but highly recommended!

    This is about shifting energy FOR you, THROUGH you and BEYOND you!.


    * Fill in the application form to apply for your place (only 6- 9 peers per mastermind group)
    * Schedule a quick call with Kate
    * Upon acceptance make payment to secure your place
    * Book your private session with Kate for uber clarity, the week leading up to the mastermind.


    Two x HOT SEATS per person  – personal and business/ work. This is the heart and art of MASTERMIND – at which Kate is brilliant at leveraging with everyone present!

    *  Pre-session with Kate to ensure you are prepped to make the most of Mastermind and how it works

    * 3 week follow up Group Call – Virtually on the easy-to-use Zoom platform

    * Partnered up with an accountability buddy for 4 weeks  to ensure you implement your action plans

    Networking event at end of day 1 for business collaboration – Kate is well known for connecting people together in her powerful network

    * Surprise additional resources coming in during the weekend to share their expertise to support exponential shifts

    WATCH some very short videos of people wanting to boost their business and lives, just like you who LEAPT at this chance to dive deep and join me for this unique process..then keep reading below for more info! Watch some client more videos here 


    I’m definitely IN Kate! What do I do now?

    Simply fill out the application form first!  Quick Shift Mastermind – application 2018



    Spent the day yesterday at Kate Emmerson “Leap n Leverage” Mastermind! Was totally blown away at the collaboration and intentional conversations that took place! Each business was showcased and ideas were shared! Amazingly impactful!! You really can’t afford to miss this!! Debbie Botha Founder – Core Business Training Solutions

    What an inspiring and fulfilling day… an unbelievable #Mastermind with Kate Emmerson that has lead to some awesome new connections and realisation that it is so possible & easy to make a dream a reality. Vikeshni Vandayar. Institute of Directors and travel blogger 

    I had the most fabulous experience today. My first ever business mastermind! 14 superb, inspirational and progressive people all in one room. Networking, advising, coaching and inspiring each other’s business. Thank you Kate for having me join today. Marilu Meiring, Owner of MomBoss and wellness coach

    Stunning, insightful day…it has moved my thinking into a different realm. My vision has just grown tons!! Arthie Moore – Leadership visionary –

    All I can say is thank you Kate for an awesome, inspiring day. The Leap ‘n Leverage Mastermind day was just the shot-in-the-arm I needed. My early apprehension over what to expect quickly melted with every single conversation, interaction and discussion leading to excellent networking and shared wisdom and insight from those in the room. Every person’s generosity of sharing knowledge and giving or receiving input made the day inspiring and profoundly worthwhile. It was intriguing to see how much clarity I could find for my way forward in my own business in such a short space of time with so many heads focused and working together to share knowledge and contacts. This is a highly recommended day for every and anybody needing a “re-jig in their business”, an injection of personal inspiration, or a bolt of enthusiasm into a challenge or problem. The added burst of growth into personal networks is priceless. Mandy Collie, author and owner of Crafted Words Consulting

    “Many thanks Kate for a dynamic mastermind day! It was super inspiring to share ideas, as well as give and receive input and affirmation, among such a great group of people. The sense of connectedness was profound, providing wonderful support in the knowledge that so many of us share similar challenges, particularly as entrepreneurs. I loved tapping into the power of the collective in this masterfully hosted session. Thanks again!” – Naomi Estment, Photographer, Videographer, Confidence on Camera Coach ( 

    Thank you Kate  for this brilliant Leap ‘n Leverage Mastermind.  You guys were all rock stars today. Kate you were so entertaining and empowering. Loved it and it comes highly recommended for every business owner. I am now much more focused, energised and forward thinking, sharing in the expertise which was made available to me. Thinking on a higher level has new meaning for me now – forever thankful!
    Ursula Barnard Jacobs. Pain, stress and wellness Clinic.

    Joining the mastermind group for a ‘one day magic making session’ really shifted my reality. Not only did I get clarity on my next few steps to boost my small bespoke business, I got to share some heart and thinking space with some of the most amazing entrepreneurs and creative thinkers. The free sharing of ideas and networks was amazing. The fact that we all got a chance in the hot seat and got a  group of skilled people listen to your individual challenge and offer advice and brainstorm possible solutions gave me the fuel  I needed. Kate truly ignited the group with her energy but kept us focused and on track. CORLENE Furstenberg, Costume designer, Wardrobe H.O.D for Scandal and international artist

    Yesterday was undoubtedly an opportunity for me to have my very own ‘EXCO, my own advisory board’ for a day …. Being a solo-preneur it is tough getting sage and objective input from the outside world and I got a taste of what this might be and I want more!! It was also the confirmation of ‘it is time to re-jig my business’… something that I have known for a while but haven’t done anything about. One of the scariest moments was when I was challenged to double my current coaching rate; work with fewer clients one on one… my immediate reaction is that I am already at the very tip of the top end; how can I double my rates … yet I am open to exploring what that might look like. I am also very excited to tap in the knowledge of my masterminders and ask for the strategic input and advise; and equally look to different ways in which I might do a fair exchange rather than the formal payment of fees … this would never have crossed my mind before. As I type this what comes to mind for me; is that the day afforded me the opportunity not to be the expert, not to hold the mantle of “I have to know it all” and that I could be vulnerable and say it …it is time for me to enjoy my life, my business, the rewards by being open to exploring what else, how else….Juanene Freedman, executive coach #thestorieswetell

    The process was unlike anything I have experienced previously in that it gave me a non-judgemental space where I could be real and honest about where I am currently at as well as my achievements and challenges, whilst getting input and ideas to help me with the challenges and opportunities in my life. The preparation that was required upfront to formulate a Hotseat question as well as a 3 minute introduction was powerful to help me get clarity for myself. And then being part of the process was very enjoyable and gave me lots of insight. It was fun, and I met some great people. Ulrike Van Der Horst 

    It was a fun, inspiring and thought-provoking event. There is a lot to be gained from the knowledge people bring from their different industries and I made some awesome connections. Anel Pieter Hamersma 

    It was such an incredible process.  It really was above and beyond what I could have wanted. The hot seat sessions in our group were intense, pickled with thought-provoking questions, suggestions and proposals. I was conscious of one thing – the person in the hot seat was our primary focus.  We were able to go behind the scenes, behind what was being said, what was being put on the table and find the hidden gems for each of us. Uncovering clarity was the name of the game it seems as I look back in retrospect. The dynamics in the group were so focused on the give and receive of the process.  I loved it and I went away with such unbelievable clarity, quite opposite to what I had anticipated.  It didn’t take my fellow group members long to cut through the bullshit and come to the real issue that needed to be on the table.  I haven’t had this kinda clarity in a very long time.  Plus it was all inside of me but it was being masked and subdued by uncertainty and doubt. Rose Clement Owner and creative director- Design Monarchy

    If you would like to know more about Mastermind you can watch the video below, made by Kate in Greece, where she spent 2 months in 2017, working location free and running writing retreats