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Meet Kate Emmerson

I’m Kate Emmerson – the Quick Shift Deva – and my expertise revolves around supporting you to SHIFT your life TODAY so that you can “LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE”

Life is too short to muck about playing small; I’m here to remind you that in order to STEP OUT into the world and shine your light, you may need to first STEP IN to let go of anything that no longer serves you in all forms. This could show up as personal fears, limiting beliefs, outdated versions of yourself, being disorganised, overwhelmed and procrastinating on projects, physical clutter, emotional baggage, people not adding value to your life – the list goes on and on. I promise you that as you create SPACE in your life, you will have energy and inspiration to move forward and “STEP UP” in your world.

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PS. DEVA – This is an ancient Sanskrit word that is interpreted as “divine being” or “good spirit”, and originally “a SHINING one” from Div, to shine. We are all of this magnificent potential!


with Kate Emmerson, the Quick Shift Deva!

The 4 G-spots of Transformation!

This free video series is designed to support you to Think BIG yet start SMALL!
If life and its’ crazy demands are getting the better of you; if you are feeling overwhelmed and scattered and probably procrastinating on things that really matter to you; if you have the tendency to attempt to change your WHOLE life at once  with the recurring result that you change nothing – Then this is YOUR antidote!
A free, practical yet purposeful video series designed to get you SHIFTING NOW!

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by Kate Emmerson


Kate’s best seller has transformed homes and lives around the world!
A practical, no-nonsense book that teaches you the WHY and the HOW of ridding yourself of emotional, physical and body clutter.  Her step-by-step process ensures your success no matter how many times you have tried to get organised before. Also available in Afrikaans – RUIM JOU ROMMEL OP

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