Discover how to QUICK SHIFT 1 THING Using the 4 G-Spots of Transformation


Meet Kate Emmerson

I’m Kate Emmerson, known as the “Quick Shift Deva” (yes that’s a real word with a profound meaning) and I get a kick out of supporting you to SHIFT your life in order to “LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE”

Isn’t life too short to muck about playing small?what would it take for YOU to play a bigger game and follow your dreams? To initiate sustainable personal transformation, first you need to STEP IN to take stock. What is and isnt working? You may then realise you need to STEP UP a notch and add some space and VOOMA to your life. Can you imagine what happens when you start to create more SPACE in all aspects of your life? You will have oodles more energy and inspiration to finally STEP OUT and shine your light. Creating space often shows up as needing to LET GO of certains aspects of yourself you might be lugging around and finding new juicy ways of saying YES in your life.
ARE YOU RUNNING OUT OF ENERGY< INSPIRATION AND SENSE OF HUMOUR AS WE REACH THE END OF 2018? I take a  different approach to this time of year …. I call it CLOSE OUT STRONG. A mindset created over the last 15 years to help you end the year PROUD and TALL, not wiped out and small. Show the year who is boss with a short, powerful 5-day online process. It is possible to CLOSEOUT STRONG! 



The 4 G-spots of Transformation!

Grab my complimentary video series designed to help you Think BIG yet start SMALL!
If life and all its’ crazy demands are getting the better of you; if you are feeling overwhelmed, scattered and procrastinating on things that really matter to you; if you have the tendency to attempt to change your WHOLE life at once with the recurring result that you change nothing – then this is YOUR antidote!
A practical, down-to-earth video series designed SHIFT YOU NOW!

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SHIFT YOUR HOME – The Power of Closure, Clarity and Clearing to Move Your Home from “For Sale” to “Sold” with Ease.

About to SELL YOUR HOME? Or battling to sell it? Or dread showdays? This book is a game changer. Whether you’re shifting, moving and selling your home willingly in order to upsize, downsize or life-size OR forced to sell due to external circumstances such as death, divorce, relocation, illness or financial reasons, this book is an indispensable guide to ease this stressful transition. Follow Kate’s practical steps of CLOSURE, CLARITY and CLEARING to ensure you’re ready for buyers to snap up your home. This book transforms your sense of dread associated with selling and moving to ensure you sign your first Offer to Purchase with speed and ease. Welcome moving day with less stress and mess.

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Kate’s 2nd book is receiving rave reviews and changing lives!
A purposeful journey to practically help you face your “glitch”.  An honest process to Step IN, Step UP, Step OUT. It is filled with snippets of her own fascinating story and interwoven with success stories from brave clients who faced their GLITCH. You will be DOING this book to shift your life this year. Also available in Afrikaans – LAAT LOS JOU LAS

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Kate’s best seller has transformed homes, lives and businesses around the world as she inspires you to activate her message of LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE.
A very practical, no-nonsense book that teaches you the WHY and the HOW of ridding yourself of emotional, physical and body clutter.  Her step-by-step process ensures your success no matter how many times you have tried to get organised before. Also available in Afrikaans – RUIM JOU ROMMEL OP

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