What brought you here today?

Are you fed up of things staying the same? Getting to this point again? Overwhelmed? Crowded and cluttered? Saying YES to everything and driving yourself nuts by putting yourself last? Do you need to take TIME OUT, to reclaim your life? Perhaps you know you need to make some big shifts and just have no idea where to start? Or desire accountability and support OR want to gallivant around the world location free and join me on a retreat. Hell yeah! We all need some help along the way, and my clients, that are mostly referred through other ecstatic clients, work with me to effect profound shifts. Either to realize a dream
To let go, declutter and simplify especially when selling your home
Make the leap to writing a book and fulfilling that creative urge

My expertise is in helping you Create Space -it often shows up as needing to DE-CLUTTER YOUR LIFE and LET GO of certain aspects you might be lugging around. About finding new juicy ways of saying YES to what truly matters in your life. It requires courage to let go of what you know. This could be physical, emotional, mental. spiritual  clutter, or the STUFF that’s is clogging your home space

I’m Kate Emmerson, known as the “Quick Shift Deva” (yes that’s a real word with a profound meaning) and I get a kick out of supporting you to SHIFT your life in order to “LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE”.
I am becoming more and more deeply fascinated with the power of creating shifts through the counter-intuitive idea of slowing down, detoxing (body and tech)  and pressing PAUSE in order to PONDER what truly matters. Then from that place of mindful stillness, can you POUNCE back into our life and activate your dreams.


The Strategic Power of Disconnecting

I would love to share my latest passion – that of understanding the very opposite of what we view as “productivity” and realising why it’s important to take TIME OUT.  What I refer to as the Counter-Intuitive Art of Slow. I will walk you through embracing simplicity, how to be your own #calmbalm, and the art of saying no when it matters.

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SHIFT YOUR HOME – The Power of Closure, Clarity and Clearing to Shift Your Heart and Sell Your Home. 

About to SELL YOUR HOME? Or battling to sell it? Or dread showdays? This book is a game-changer to help you & your realtor get speedy results. If you’re about to put your home up for sale OR it’s been stuck for too many ‘Days On Market’ (DOM), help is here. You’ll shift the usual STRESS & DREAD to ease & excitement! Whether you’re selling WILLINGLY (upsize, downsize, life-size) or being FORCED to sell due to external circumstances (death, divorce, relocation, illness, financial), this practical guide offers a unique approach. Kate will guide you to align heart & home, thus ensuring you’re ready to accept your first Offer to Purchase with speed & ease. Avoid SABOTAGING the effortless sale of your home. Never hear the words ‘I just didn’t like the FEEL’ of it.

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Kate’s 2nd book is receiving rave reviews and changing lives!
A purposeful journey to practically help you face your “glitch”.  An honest process to Step IN, Step UP, Step OUT. It is filled with snippets of her own fascinating story and interwoven with success stories from brave clients who faced their GLITCH. You will be DOING this book to shift your life this year. Also available in Afrikaans – LAAT LOS JOU LAS

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Kate’s best seller has transformed homes, lives and businesses around the world as she inspires you to activate her message of LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE.
A very practical, no-nonsense book that teaches you the WHY and the HOW of ridding yourself of emotional, physical and body clutter.  Her step-by-step process ensures your success no matter how many times you have tried to get organised before. Also available in Afrikaans – RUIM JOU ROMMEL OP

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